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270 – 3 customer service podcasts you should listen to

There are people who always and repeatedly point out to an old saying “The world is not always fair.” Though these people appear to be pessimists and possess cynical views, there seems to be an element of truth in their observation. Especially, for customers who have not been getting the customer service they expect to have, or those customers who have undergone the ordeal of being ignored or lynched by the so-called big companies, this statement may seem to be very much true. In other words, most of the businesses are not bestowing adequate attention on the aspect of ensuring perfect customer satisfaction. These businesses seem to have only one aim and that is to get richer and richer by hook or crook. They do not care much about how their customers may feel or how their poor show on the customer service front can break their business. This may have prompted the disgruntled customers to nod their heads when such negative statements are made vigorously.

If you own a company, you will be committing a grave mistake if you ignore the aspect of customer satisfaction. Even loyal customers will leave you and move on to your competitors if you do not render high-quality customer service. You should therefore impart the right customer service skills in your customer service employees. Not only that, you should keep monitoring closely if these members follow the laid down rules and procedures that can ensure customer satisfaction.

Of course, as the owner of the company, you must know how to go about the process of putting in place the right systems for serving customers. Though there are a number of sources from which you can learn things, thanks to the digital revolution that has been taking place, you now have podcasts that have been brought out by thought leaders in the customer service realm. You can listen to them and learn the right processes using which you can enhance the quality of the customer service you are making available to your customers.

In addition to using the podcasts yourself, you must insist that your customer service team, right from the manager until the least experienced customer service representative, should listen to them also on a regular basis. Let us now look at the podcasts that are worth listening to and that can impart highly valuable customer service skills in you and your team members.

  1. Support Ops

Support Ops is one of the most popular podcasts brought out on the topic of customer service. Chase Clemons, who is a support team member at Basecamp Task Management System, has hosted this podcast. In fact, Chase Clemons has been making it a point to come out with weekly presentations about the details of the challenges in the customer service realm as well as predictions for the future. You can download the podcast on YouTube. Of course, an MP3 version is also available and it will be useful for listening even when you may be carrying out other chores.

  1. Focus on Customer Service

Focus on Customer Service is another popular podcast that was launched by Robin Carey, CEO of Social Media Today. Since its launching about a year ago, the podcast has been gaining in its popularity. More particularly, this podcast deserves a lot of credit because each of its episodes features and methodically spells out how certain brands have been rendering exceptionally good customer service through their social media accounts. Those who listen to the episodes of the podcast on a regular basis can gain terrific and highly useful insights about how they can improve their customer service efforts. Even experts and professionals in the realm of customer service heap effusive praises on the usefulness of this podcast.

  1. Support Driven

It was Scott Tran who created the podcast “Support Driven.” Scott Tran has always been keen on exploring how the internal training provided to customer service staff can enhance the value of the support customers receive from a provider or company. This podcast will be of immense use to all the companies, managers, and executives who are very much interested in learning about how they can choose the right people and prepare themselves suitably for providing high-quality customer service to their customers.

These podcasts clearly lay out the case for high-quality customer service though they do not uncover any new or unique theory on the value of providing excellent customer service to customers. The best attribute of these podcasts is that they do not talk above the head of an average customer service representative. This means that these podcasts do not overuse highly technical terms.

Therefore, it is high time entrepreneurs like you, customer service managers, and team members listen to these podcasts on a regular basis and gain highly useful insights on customer service and customer satisfaction. This will help them mold themselves into highly informed customer service executives. As they keep listening to such podcasts and using other similarly credible sources, they will find that there is an endless supply of ideas that can help them render more effective customer service. Most importantly, they will learn a highly valuable lesson and that is that they should treat customers with a sympathetic slant.

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