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Coworking In Comfort – How Comfort Affects Work Quality

Two offices with the same issue – unproductive, unsatisfied workers who do not work to their potential. The first office tackles the problem by instituting an office plan that makes work flexible and that is comfortable. The second office pulls employees in for an individual chat about their performance and then sends them on their way hoping for the best.

While we cannot be sure which way is the absolutely correct way to approach this type of problem, the former solution attacks the problem from an environmental standpoint while the latter places the blame on the employee. Environment does impact work performance, though, and this can especially be seen in the coworking space. Coworking in The Philippines has taken off primarily because it is the one workspace format that has made work comfortable through combining social interaction with the more traditional parts of business.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways in which a comfortable environment affects work quality.

Office Design

One of the best ways to promote productivity is by providing employees with a place to work that is clean and well-designed. The current trend is to do away with walls and other barriers in the space in favour of open spaces that have multiple uses, and this is also the case with many coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are typically designed to promote social interaction while also giving a place for professionals to work. Take look at Servcorp Coworking Philippines at the following link to see how coworking spaces can be designed.

Office design is very important in establishing the warmth of the space. Accessorising a space with plants and pictures and other decoration can add a cosiness that you might not see in a corporate office. Chalkboards reminiscent of simpler times can transform a coworking office into one that invites contribution from members that make up the community. Design is everything in setting the tone for an office environment that promotes productivity.

Office Vibe

The vibe of the office only complements the design in setting the tone for productivity. An office that stimulates productivity almost always is one that invites participation from the people who make up the space. Professionals who coalesce and can speak with each about a number of topics make work a priority.

Coworking spaces have nearly perfected mastering creating space where independent thinkers can work, network, or collaborate at their leisure. With community events that engender participation from members in the space, the atmosphere becomes both about social interaction and working. As new members come in and join the space, the whole community embraces them creating a warm environment that can be a home away from home.

In terms of productivity, a lot gets done in these coworking spaces, and for one main reason, which relates to liking your office and the people who make up the space. Anyone who has ever worked in a hostile office environment can tell you it does very little for their productivity levels. Building relationships within the workspace is a cornerstone of office work, and if you do not get along with your co-workers or your boss, you are less likely to even try to work to your potential, and this results in substandard work. Alternatively, a comfortable working relationship with co-workers and superiors can translate into higher productivity levels.

A Home Away From Home

The coworking space for many professionals becomes that home away from home simply because comfort is a factor in creating these communities. In a country where trust is an important part of establishing comfortable business relationships, coworking can be a great choice for those in the community looking to find a comfortable workspace that can help to build those kinds of relationships. Not only can your business build relationships, but they can do so in an environment that maximises your productivity levels.

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