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Give A Try To The Best Tools for Writers in 2019

Writing requires passion and Restraint. Writers have to familiar with plenty of things when it comes to writing. We can’t skip it that the writing is tough, even some time for the most proficient writers.

But how are they able to complete a writing assignment so perfectly? There are tools that writers use?  Computer, pen and paper, thesaurus and dictionary, these are some common tools they use.

Here are some assignment help tools that will help you complete your assignment perfectly too;

  1. Grammarly
  2. Google Translator
  3. Scrivener
  4. Evernote
  5. Headline analyzer
  6. Online scheduler


According to a recent study (by WhiteSmoke); six of every 10 business letters and e-mails of 5,000 checked were found to have grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Missing words were the most prevalent error, with 32 percent of writers failing to use all of the words in a grammatically correct sentence. Punctuation errors were the next most common mistake, with 28 percent of them related to not knowing when to use a period, comma or question mark.
Grammarly, the automated proofreader not only makes your assignment error free by check more than 250 common grammar errors, but also enhances vocabulary usage and suggests citations.

Google Translator

In a global society composed of numerous nations speaking different languages, having English as a common medium for communication has resulted in the need to educate hundreds of millions in the language skills needed for success in the spheres of education, business, academia, and the media.

But doesn’t mean that other languages have not worth, a writer has to think beyond limitation. Mention research, facts, references, and the study make writing more touristy. A writer has to work and research in more than a single language. With English and over 100 other languages Google Translate instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages.


The Scrivener apart is the Corkboard which allows you to plan your project with the help of “Note cards.” The note cards are attached to your content with the ability to move them, and as the final result you have able to write individual scenes in any order and whenever you need, arrange your text accordingly. The Scrivener allows user to track of characters, scenes and plotlines in several ways, such as, project’s word count, keeping track of the project.


With highly recommendations, most useful tool for a writer. Save text, record and save audio, Videos, and Pictures, and find it out easily, whenever you need these features makes five star recommendation. What need more with a free app?

Still confuse? How Evernote helps for writers?

Nobody knows when the good ideas trigger, in case you are on the road, just speak and record your idea in audio form on your cell phone and save this audio file(s) to Evernote, and use it on your laptop or computer later. Similarly, do with videos and pictures.

Headline analyzer

The Headline analyzer help writers to find out how strong is your native ad headline? It will score your overall headline quality writing a long document involves more than just getting words onto the page. The writer must know to write a great headline.

The headline should not only killer, but also engaging, strong, and winning. Great headlines come with an immense amount of practice. It needs the right balance of action words to increase engagement.

Online scheduler

As a writer uses online scheduler for time management, if you provide a certain level of originality and good content within a time frame it’s extra beneficial for you. Time frame plays a great role as well. You have to complete your content as early as possible and hand over an error free assignment within the deadline.

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