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Gorgeous Zurich & Surroundings: Top 7 Must-Visit Places

As it is supposed to the tourist center, Zurich is rich in sights and entertainments for every taste.

Despite the beauty of the city itself, every tourist will have a natural desire to see more. If you want to visit the attractions not far from Zurich, then you definitely need to apply to any car rental in Zurich. Since the preferences are all different we offer a selection of various sights that will be interesting to everyone.

Rydberg Museum

One of the best museums on the continent has dedicated its exposition exclusively to European art. Rydberg is the main cultural attraction in Zurich and the only Swiss museum of non-European art, with a collection of Indian sculptures, Tibetan images of churches and bronze articles, Chinese paintings, Asian ceramics and jade.


The Zurich Museum of Fine Arts traces its history to the Society of Artists, founded in 1787. Here you can admire the artworks by Van Gogh, Monet, Delacroix and other famous artists. An important mission of Kunsthaus is the collection of works by living artists. In addition, exhibitions of modern sculptures are often held.


A wonderful town located on the other side of Zurich Lake. To get there you surely need to use services of car rental in Switzerland. The city is famous for its unusual medieval castle, which instead of heavy gates with bars and defensive fortifications – wide stairs, decorated with roses. The castle rises on a hill, from which opens an idyllic view of Lake Zurich and the surrounding mountains.

Zurich Zoo

In Zurich, besides beautiful cathedrals and interesting museums, tourists will find one of the best zoos in Europe. The entire territory is divided into continents, in each of which the conditions close to the natural habitat of animals are created. Be sure to come see how at 10:30 and at 16:00 people feed penguins, at 14:15 – fish and at 15:30 – monkeys. Moreover, in winter, do not miss the so-called parade of penguins, held at 13:30 every day.

The Rhine Falls

The main “water” attraction of Switzerland, the Rhine Falls is considered a place of constant noise, the smallest water dust in the air and dozens of small rainbows playing on the spray. With a width of 150 meters and a height of 23 meters, the Rhine Falls proudly bears the title of Europe’s largest waterfall, which falls heavily, so there really is something to look at.

Chinese Garden

Fans of flora and fauna are obliged to visit the Chinese Garden, located actually on the shore of Zurich Lake. There are openwork pavilions, brooks and bridges – all in the best traditions of the east.  Among plants, you will see a pine, bamboo and winter cherry, able to survive in the Alps.


With the help of Unirent car rental, it is possible to reach a small town very fast. It is the most beautiful city in Switzerland, which cannot be missed when you arrive in Zurich. A couple of hours walk through the old city will be enough. The main attraction there is the old Kappelbrücke Bridge with painted panels, as well as a lion-shaped monument carved into a cliff face.

Besides, don’t forget to pay a visit to the visiting card of the city – Grossmünster Cathedral – a majestic monastery with two twin towers. Besides, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama going up to the tower of the cathedral.

Whenever you go nearby Zurich, you cannot do without car rental. Make your trip more saturated with our list of attractions!

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