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Onboarding is your company’ first impression

Walking your customer support staff through the ‘onboarding procedure’ is as crucial as hiring capable support executives. To be specific, recruiting support reps perfectly fit for their job positions, is crucial for putting together an efficient and close-knit support team that can handle customers’ requests and issues effectively. But, at the same time it is equally essential to make the recruits familiar with the work culture of your organization and offer them sufficient scope and time to become adept in their jobs.

And this is where a well-integrated onboarding strategy can come to the aid of the new recruits, grooming them perfectly to do full justice to their responsibilities, ultimately resulting in exceptional helpdesk experience. Onboarding entails training a new recruit to become acclimatized to the company culture so that he can get started confidently thereby ensuring the fruition of customer onboarding process. The whole idea behind onboarding is to make it easy for the fresh hire to settle down into his job and start delivering as early as possible.

Even the most efficient of fresh recruits may not be in a position to work as an efficient team-member and begin contributing towards overall growth and development right away. You’ll have to give the candidate sufficient time to pick up the nitty-gritty of the job, learn to work as part of the team, and comprehend the organization culture. The sooner you can make the recruit feel confident about his job role, the quicker will he be able to become a productive team member.

Consider the time the new employee spends on adapting to the onboarding technique and becoming familiar with the organizational culture as his ‘honeymoon period’. If the recruit’s onboarding experience is pleasant, then it is very likely that he might become a significant team member. On the other hand, if the training and familiarization mode does not instill self-confidence in the employee, he may probably leave for good.

Best tips for outlining a robust onboarding policy for an indelible first impression

  1. Simplify the onboarding plan and let the adaptation happen slowly and steadily

Try to keep the onboarding plan simple and straightforward so that newly employed support staff members can easily comprehend the entire process instead of feeling overwhelmed. Arrange practical training and brushing-up sessions so that they can have a fair about your product or service as well as become aware of the company culture. See to it that paperwork is kept at a minimum and make the most of the preparatory process by interacting with them and discussing how the firm’s short-term and long-term goals can lead to the unique customer experience.

Give them enough time and space to connect with the existing team members as well as with each other. Do not make them feel as if you’re trying to rush them through the process but rather spend the first couple of weeks on making them oriented with their job profile. Take care to ascertain that the onboarding procedure does not turn into a crash course which causes frustration and bewilderment, compelling them to quit early on, eventually besmirching your firm’s goodwill.

Try to make the orientation method interactive and lively by introducing elements of fun and healthy competition-arranging quiz programs and game shows will allow fresh recruits to imbibe information instinctively. Introduce them to employees or staff who’ve been with your organization for a long time and showed them around their work desk or cubicles. Do everything in your capacity to create a feeling or sense of belonging in them.

  1. Evaluate the progress of your new recruit more often

How’d you ensure that the training and onboarding program is benefiting the new hires? Of course, by networking with them on a regular basis and holding one-to-one informal meetings and consultations, enquiring them whether everything is proceeding as per their expectations. Additionally, you need to discuss with their mentors asking them about their opinions regarding the new draftees.

Conducting casual tête-à-têtes with recently drafted employees on a daily basis with a view to finding out about how they’re faring will give them the impression that you care. Make the candidate feel relaxed during the consultation so that the individual can speak his mind. Carrying out heart-to-heart conversations periodically will help you to address concerns and make necessary adjustments and/or improvements in the onboarding system much before it’s time for an official appraisal.

  1. Offer fresh hires the latitude and space to buddy up with a mentor instinctively

The newcomer, in all likelihood, could lose his way in the labyrinthine maze of new rules and regulations. Moreover, adapting to the working environment and performing in consonance with the support team could be challenging as well. The novice, in such a situation, could be desperately looking for a senior team member who can act as his her mentor, helping him breeze through the onboarding regimen.

So, the onus is on you to help neophytes find mentors and guides with whom they can buddy up.

  1. Offer them the appropriate tools and aids for enabling to work smoothly

The trainees may take to the onboarding schedule sooner if you make them feel comfortable right from day one and provide them with the appropriate tools and equipment. Give them a warm welcome on their first day in office and ensure they’ve access to everything they need to get started, including a workstation, pens, notepads, files etc. Also, place nameplates/tags at their desks to offer them a sense of identity.

  1. Connect with them on a personal level

The CV or resume of the trainees mirrors only a specific facet about them. By showing a bonafide interest in connecting with your apprentices on a personal level, you’ll be encouraging them hugely to embrace the employee onboarding plan with earnestness.


In order to build a long-term bond with candidates you’ve recently hired to reinforce your support team, you need to have an effective onboarding system in place. Perhaps, nobody might know better than you about the indispensability of a versatile employee onboarding and training course for guaranteeing outstanding customer experience and consequently, steady organizational growth.

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