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Simplest Method Of Recovering Data From Your Dead iPhone

Whether it is an unknown bug or a conflicting software, a variety of causes might line up to crash your iPhone which serves as a major cause of concern for Apple users around the globe. Following such a scenario, you might recharge your phone, force start it by pressing and holding the On/Off and Home buttons simultaneously or even put it in recovery mode. In spite of all such efforts if you fail to receive any response from your smartphone, then it might be termed as dead.

The first thing we worry about on the face of such events is the valuable data which had existed on our iPhone and recovery of the same. You can easily opt for iCloud or iTunes backup if one or more such backups had been made previously wherein it becomes easy to restore the iPhone data coupled with these backups. However most of the users do not have a habit of backing up iPhone data in which case we have to seek the help of a data recovery application such as PhoneRescue.

This versatile tool which can cater to both Android and iOS devices features a powerful scanning technology which aids it in retrieving phone data in a super-fast manner. It renders support to all forms of personal data such as call history, contacts, message attachment, reminders, calendar, voicemail, safari history, note attachments and safari bookmarks; media data such as photo videos, music, thumbnails, ringtones, playlists, iBook, voice memo, audiobooks etc. and app data such as app photos, app documents, app videos, app audios, WhatsApp attachment, Kik attachment, Line attachment etc.

You can retrieve data selectively by selecting the specific data without having to recover the entire thing which in turns brings along mammoth time savings. PhoneRescue has already been downloaded more than five million times by users around the globe as it guarantees high safety of your personal data without falling prey to the grasp of any malicious software.

By default, your iOS device will be detected automatically by the PhoneRescue software once you connect the same. But in case if you forget to connect it, or the device does not get recognized by your computer, then arrow button will be disabled and you will come across the “Please connect your iOS device” interface.

On clicking the arrow button, an interface will be displayed wherein all the categories will be selected by default. You will have to uncheck the “Select All” option if you wish to recover data from just some of the categories. The scanning process can last for a few minutes depending on the amount of data on your device. You can also abort the process whenever you require the same. You can view the scanning results combining both the existing and lost data once the process is completed. Clicking on “Only list deleted” option rather than “List all items” can assist in filtering out the old data present in your iOS device. The Recover button is located at the lower right corner of the window and clicking on the same can save all your data automatically.

If your PhoneRescue fails to identify your iOS device, then you can troubleshoot the problem by trying out the alternatives listed down below:

  • Download the latest version of the software.
  • Check if your USB cable connection is loose and reconnect if necessary. A new USB cord might be required if your old one is broken.
  • Use the Administrator account for logging in your computer.
  • Reinstall iTunes.
  • The Support Team can be contacted if you require further diagnosis or if the problem persists.

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