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Stage Rentals: 6 Things You Need To Know

Here at American Audio Visual, we run one of the most celebrated stage rentals in Orlando. It’s an important cornerstone of what we do and we know the impact great staging can have on an event. If you’re reading this then it’s safe to assume you’re looking to put on an event in the near future and whether near or far we’re here to help. Here are 6 of the most important things to consider when choosing the perfect stage for your event.

1. Audience Size

Your stage setup should vary depending on stage size and the size of the audience that will be in attendance; matching these elements up should be the first thing to consider. Our recommendation is that if you have a larger audience and a smaller stage you should be looking to make every little thing count, make sure everything on stage is large, eye-catching and clear. If however, you’re looking at a small stage and audience you need to focus on the details, use props to draw the audience in and make them feel involved.

2. Venue Size

In our many years providing stage rentals in Orlando, we’re well aware that every venue is different. Each has its own unique charm, benefits, and drawbacks. You should work with your venue to bring out its best. If you’re in a venue with a low ceiling, for example, expand the stage in width to fill the room and make a big statement. Incorporate the venues own visuals or aesthetic into your stage designs, stick with a theme and make your event sing.

3. Visibility

It doesn’t matter how great your stage design is if there’s a great big pillar in the middle of the audience blocking their sightline to it. When looking at your venue and arranging the audience be sure to consider and combat any potential visibility issues.

4. Performance

If you’re booking a speaker, band, comedian, poet, or dance troupe, it’s important to check in with them and ask what they need from the stage setup. They likely have performed on a great many and know what possible issues can crop up. You might have a stage set up as pretty as a peach but if it’s not fit for purpose, then what’s the use?

5. Raise It Up

Raising the stage means you can fit more equipment and set up underneath it also creates a more impactful plateau for your performance or main event. It’s an easy way to make a great impression.

6. Cover It Up

Whilst we take great care of our stages and ensure our customers do the same, they are being heavily used and so may not look quite as pretty as the day they were bought. Other rental firms may have stages to rent in an even further deteriorated state. A clever and simple way to combat this is to incorporate carpets, throws or anything else that covers the stage into your design setup.

If you’re looking for a stage rental in Orlando give us a call today, we’d love to offer more advice, have a chat or answer any questions. For more information, visit the website.

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