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The device of Aquaguard: Selection and maintenance

There is no point of debate if the RO or water purifier is required at home and office or not in this time as the water quality has degraded and to have pure and clean water this is the only device that can help you. However, while going for the device, there are certain points that one must look into. They can help one get the right device in the right budget and with the right quality. For a common man, it can be a tricky question as what type of RO or purifier he should go for. However, the points mentioned here can be sure of great help to him. 

The type and size:

In RO also one can find several types and sizes from which he needs to choose the best fit as per his requirement. There are ROs that run with a constant supply of water also while others can also be offline functional. In any of these cases, one needs to choose if he wants to go for a device that runs online or offline.

This device is also available with and without the features of water storage. Obviously, the cost of both of these devices varies as per their features. Hence one needs to decide if he can go for a higher cost with a feature of the device with storage or wants to go for the device without storage which can be available at a low price also.

The cost:

For different devices, one has to pay different prices. The simple rule here is more are the features; more is the price. While going for the RO or water purifier, one needs to see that it is not the only cost of the device as there are other costs also which are recurring in nature and one has to face it if the device is regularly used.  For any purifier or RO, one has to go for the annual maintenance contract also under which the device is maintained by expertson a regular basis. The cost of aquaguardamc can be known by calling the service centre of the brand.

In the AMC they cover different types of services and maintenance. However, in case of major component failure, it is not covered under the AMC. The filters, membrane and water pump are the most vital parts in this device and hence if there is any trouble with any of these devices,and if they are not covered under the contract, the customer has to bear the cost of the part replacement. However, some private service providers also cover these parts but again the cost of the same is from the customer only as the cost of AMC is increased to that extent. Therefore for a client, it is important to know the terms and conditions of the cost as well as the prices from various service providers that can help him get the best contract to maintain the device for effective use in long term.  The contract is usually for one year and needs to be renewed next year.

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