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Tips and Tricks to Make Wedding Planning Easier

Wedding planning sounds fun but in reality, it is quite stressful especially if you decide to do everything on your own. By the time the wedding comes close, the brides develop dark circle due to countless sleepless nights planning for the wedding. What is the point of obsessing about everything being perfect that, you do not enjoy the day which is supposed to be the happiest day of your life?

We have listed a few tips and tricks which will make your wedding planning a little less stressful and a little more delightful.

Maintain a Planner:

Maintaining a planner sounds more like a Hollywood movie but in reality, it is really a helpful approach to stay organized and make sure whatever you need like receipts and the guest list are available in a simple folder.

Allocate Timeline:

You need to plan timelines in which you will finish one wedding task. Plan out all the tasks and allocate time slot to each task and keep a check on it. Make sure you do not delay from the allocated time else a lot of wedding duties and tasks will pile up just weeks before the wedding.

Set Up Reminder for Meetings:

You like it or not you need to go to manymeetings with the planner,vendors, bridal boutique, dress fittings, etc. As soon as a meeting is arranged, set up a reminder on your phone with an alarm to remind you. You will have to attend many such meetings with vendors to finalize wedding details and you may tend to forget a few, setting up a reminder will help you remember these meetings.

Do not Keep Dress fitting until the End:

One major disaster which can happen is your dress does not fit you properly on your wedding day. To avoid this, plan your dress fittings well ahead of the date so that if alterations are needed, you give the boutique enough time to do so. Same goes with selecting bridesmaid dresses. Plan buying these dresses well in advance as the bridesmaid dresses may need alterations as well.

Stick to Budget:

As soon as you begin planning a wedding, you need to calculate how much you can spend on this wedding and plan your expenditures accordingly. Set aside an emergency fund to be used during last-minute expenses. 

Not only you but make sure you do not pressurize your bridesmaids to go over-budget with their dress. If you tend to like a style of bridesmaid dress and it is over pricey, do not worry. Nowadays, there are many bridal shops and online bridesmaid dresses website such as Azazie where you will easily find the same style in a much-discounted price. 

Do not second-guess yourself:

Do not go back if you have made a decision about something. If you keep on second-guessing yourself, you will be changing things around till the last day of the wedding. Once you have decided, seal the deal and move on to next task.

Split the Workload:

Understand it is not just you who is getting married, your fiancée is also equally into this. Split responsibilities let him manage things you are definite he can manage. Do not interfere with his duties, let him handle them. You have a life to run currently, so does he. Balance wedding planning and your life efficiently.

Delegate the Work:

We understand it’s your wedding, but you don’t have to do everything on your own. Delegate it within your friends and family. Make them understand your expectation and trust them with their work.

Reduce the Number of vendors:

The lesser the number of vendors, the shorter time you will spend meeting with them and the easier it will be to manage them on your wedding. If you find vendors who do multiple works like the caterers doing the cake and liquor and the venue arranging the chair and tables, sign them. Hiring a single vendor for multiple jobs will take a big load off you during the wedding planning.

Hire Professionals:

It is not at all reprehensible if you need to take help from professionals to plan your wedding. Hiring wedding planners can take a big load off you. Hiring a professional can be an expensive affair but if you have the money, it is really worth it. They have planned multiple weddings and are good at what they do. They know the exact steps required to plan a successful wedding; they have all contacts of the caterer, musician, bakery etc so you just have to go for tastings and fittings; rest is taken care of. 

Wedding planning need not be as difficult and stressful as many people make it. You just need to relax and focus on the important thing which is to enjoy your special day.

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