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Your Quick Guide To Payroll And Its Basics

Payroll software is a software that helps the HR in compensating the employees for the work that they do for the company. Most of the companies use this software as it helps HR significantly. The software is sold by the HR software vendors. You can buy payroll management software alone or an HR software which has the capability to automate other HR functions including payroll. 

The basic function of the software is to make the paychecks, For the same, they first calculated by considering the number of hours an employee has worked. The software then either makes paychecks or direct deposit funds into the account of employees. Tax and deductions are also taken care of by the software.

What does payroll software do?

There are ample benefits of payroll software. Without payroll management software the errors, non-compliance happen quite often. Using automation ensures a smooth start and end of the whole payroll process. This frees the HR mind and time which he can use to improve the work environment and hire more talent and frame better policies.

Some companies instead of using the software get the payroll done from a third party. They fail to understand that their time is getting wasted in coordination. So, if you are thinking to buy a payroll management software, here is a glimpse of what it does. Take a look.


For staying compliant, employees need to understand the company files and then keep a tab on government laws. This whole thing is quite daunting but the software has everything updated (especially the on-cloud solution) thereby saving you from penalties and fines.


After the income has been taken into account, the software does deductions as well. This ensures easy processing of salary of employees on time in a few clicks. Besides, reimbursements and loans or advances can also be configured in the software.

Tax Forms

Tax forms are configured in the software already, so the payroll manager need not to find time to work on the tax forms. They can easily be generated using the software and printed or sent or downloaded. Had this feature not been there, the tax forms are so intricate that it would have taken a toll on their time and other tasks.


The record of each employee is kept and maintained on the cloud. The data is much more organised, centralised and safe than it is when done manually and kept in files. The HRs can search and in fractions of seconds, he can see whichever data he wants to see.

Employee Self-service (ESS)

ESS aids a lot, both- the HR and the employees. Many queries and questions get solved with the ESS. Otherwise, employee and HR both end up wasting their time. Whether they want to check their attendance, salary slip, or breakup of CTC, their profile or something else, they can check by logging into their accounts.

So, hopefully, you are now clear with the basics of payroll management software and the viability of the technology in payroll and HR.

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