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4 Practical Ways to Become More Productive

Want to know how to produce more in your work? Take these 4 practical strategies to boost your productivity!

If your manager asked you to evaluate your productivity, what notice would you give yourself?

There is a saying in the business world that if you chase after 2 rabbits you will not get any.

So, I want to leave a tip in the introduction: Focus on what matters most!

This is so true that for example Apple, at the beginning of the return of Steve Jobs, focused on just one product, iMac and made it extraordinary, then the iBook and so on.

The consequence of this concentration on one thing from Apple was the fact that it came out of a near bankruptcy to the first company to beat the market value of 1 trillion dollars.

That is, if you focus on the right thing, it will be more productive and will have more results consequently.

However, there will always be opportunities to optimize, improve, and increase your production level.

Here are 4 practical techniques that can be applied right now that will help you to be more productive:

  1. Plan your tomorrow the day before.

What is the only thing you can do now to achieve your life goal (or goal within the company, or financial goal …), so that other things become unnecessary?

This question is very well explored in the book “The One Thing,” so you need to know what your life purpose is and what you need to do today to reach it.

This issue has to be answered in two long-term and short-term angles.

Understand better … Purpose of life is related to the long term and the task that I need to accomplish today to reach my goal of life with short term.

If you have no idea what you want to achieve in life, any place will do. Have you told this story before?

Or in a harder way – and that leads to reflection – If you have no life purpose, you will work for someone who has.

Reflect right now: Why do you exist? What is your life purpose?

  1. Do not procrastinate, do what you have to do

This tip has everything to do with the previous tip!

People procrastinate because they do not have a clear purpose in their minds. There is a lot of mental noise.

They live a world of beginning and never finishing their tasks.

Procrastination can also occur when the person is afraid of the outcome, for example:

There are people who are not successful in finance because they carry the belief that if they make money they are liable to lose everything and live in misery, then they sabotage themselves by procrastinating and justifying themselves by blaming money.

Here is one of several.

The big question here is to be clear about where you want to go. Everything has a step by step.

Simple everyday things can give us great reflections, such as:

When you leave your house and go to work, do you go left or right? Your destination is work, going right or left is the next step, you are not putting up barriers to get to work.

You need to define deeply what your life purpose is.

If you respect your life purpose, everyone will respect you.

What is your purpose?

  1. Develop an active and healthy lifestyle

Have you noticed that the number of overweight people has increased?

People’s habits have also changed today everything is more accessible like car, remote control, lifts, video games, computers …

We buy everything today to make our lives more practical. The technologies have advanced, over the last decades, with the aim of increasing the sensation of comfort of the human being.

But the truth is that we never evaluate the side effects of such practicality.

There is an exaggeration in the facilities and they cause people harm, because they live in function of the numerous facilities instead of promoting movement to our body.

Therefore, one of the side effects of such amenities has been the interference directly in the lifestyle, and that has increased the sedentary lifestyle of the population.

We are rational animals, our instinct is for us to move, but in practice it is what we least want, we become sedentary.

The WHO recommends that we do at least 30 minutes of walking daily.

Make a sport that you enjoy and that shake your body type: walk outdoors, pedal, swim, run, boxing, martial arts and others.

When you do physical exercises your brain becomes oxygenated, you become active and more willing and make better decisions.

4. Balanced food or fast food which helps in your productivity?

Food has been one of the most vulnerable points to all this practicality that we have sought.

Nowadays it is possible to buy soup, lasagne, and so many other foods that are already pre-prepared, and that only need your help to heat in the microwave.

And when you want an orange juice, do you bother to wash each orange, cut and then squeeze? Possibly not!

It is easier to go in the supermarket to buy “juice box” ready on the shelf, which is just open the seal and ready, you will have the juice in your glass very quickly.

And fast food, you make the order and in less than 5 minutes is ready! How does all this convenience affect our productivity?

The big point here is that we do not understand how our body works, so much so that many do not like to drink water often.

Because you have not the slightest idea that our body is made of 70% water and that water is lost in many ways in our day to day, as in sweat, tears, feces, urine, saliva and others.

We can not feel thirst. In fact, when we feel thirsty, our body is already in a state of alert by the lack of water replenishment in our organism.

So consume at least 2 liters of water daily.

Your food needs to be lighter.

Imagine that you are an athlete and need to perform well today, when you are exhausted what is going to help your brain think better, a light meal or a heavy meal?

A light food free of bad fats improves your thinking ability.

Eat fruit in the intervals between main meals, this action will cause you more satiety and you will arrive at the next meal with less hunger.

When you take this food consumption profile, you are practicing a balanced diet.

And to combat nutritional deficiencies, you can also make use of supplements like o shake da herbalife, which has 23 vitamins and minerals that our body needs daily.

Want to have an example of how feeding directly affects your productivity?

Do you know people who do not eat breakfast?

These people only work in the afternoon, you know why?

Because they only work after lunch, or more specifically, feed the brain with carbohydrate.

Carbohydrate is brain fuel, so if you do not consume carbohydrate for breakfast, you’re losing performance and productivity and your food is not balanced.

But be careful, consume complex carbohydrates, that is, have fibers. If it is to eat bread, that is integral, for example.

So if you want to be more productive, you need to be with the required daily water and nutrient intake satisfied, otherwise your productivity will be compromised by nutritional deficiency.

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