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4 Ways to Get More Instagram Following

Instagram has since become aserious platform for content marketing, networking, selling and audience building for products brands and services. The site boasts of high engagement rate than in any other social media platform.

If you’re running a business enterprise, it’simportant that you consider creatingan Instagram account. It doesn’t matter whether you are a big or small brand on the site. But with the right, content, marketing strategy and sizeable followers for Instagram, you’ll become a star.

You’ll achieve all this by working these Instagram hacks in your strategy. They’ll help grow your followers effectively increasing your visibility, engagement, leads, conversions, sales, and higher revenues.

  1. Cross Promote a Dedicated Hashtag

Using a hashtag allows visitors to discover your profile easily. You are at liberty to use an existing quality hashtag to your advantage. It should also be related to your niche.

But do you know that you can also create your own hashtag? Well, yes you can! The only challenge is how to get people to know and use it to share your posts.

Ensure the hashtag is in your profile. Other than this, you can take the marketing offline. Print it in your receipts, signage on your store, print ads and at any relevant event.

Be sure to integrate the online and offline campaigns. Other than integrating your social media accounts, list it too on your email blasts, website, and other social platforms.

In doing this, most people will discover your hashtag. Don’t just create and expect that most people will find it out.

  1. Be Creative with Hashtags

When selecting your caption ideas on Instagram, get beyond the one-word common hashtags. Sure, you’ll need to use them at one point or the other. But be sure to mix them with a phrase that tells or describes your story.

You can be ironic, funny or outrageous. But you can’t be boring. At times, collaborate with other companies and cross-share their ideas and content too.

  1. Participate in Popular Conversations

How will you know a massive popular conversation that you should participate in? By topically mixing the relevant hashtag for your business.For instance, if you’re running a carpentry firm, you can go with #woodworking. Other than this, you can still use other trending and super-popular tags.

A specific hashtag is like a long tail keyword on your post. It shows your intent of helping you to get the right people. But a popular trending hashtag on Insta will also expose you to more people. Be sure to mix them to make your profile big and noisy.

  1. Be Creative with Your Captions

Any picture is worth more than 1000 words. But this doesn’t mean that you should skip the words entirely. No!  Usingstories and captions alongside your photos helps generate more sharing, likes, and comments.

Just like any other hack above, this isn’t something you pull off overnight. It’ll take hard work and determination to determine your brand’s voice on Instagram.

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