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5 reasons why Dubai is your dream city

Dubai is a one-of-a-kind destination that you need to visit more than once to fully get the gist of the many marvellous attractions that it has to offer. Some tourists fall in love with the city from their first trip here and even decide to settle on the coast of the Persian Gulf. There are millions of reasons why Dubai is your dream city, but we have selected the top 5 ones that best complement its wonders. Here they are!

1: Amazing warm weather

One of the best things about Dubai is its weather, which is warm throughout the year. You can enjoy lovely trips to the beach all the time between October and April. This period is ideal for long walks and shopping sprees around the city.

The summer months tend to be a bit hot for overseas visitors. However, the city accommodates everyone with exciting indoor activities. Furthermore, if you reside in one of the lush Madinat Jumeirah living apartments you benefit from optimal weather control facilities and state of the art air conditioning.

2: Awe-inspiring architecture

Walking through Dubai is never boring. The city abounds in modern architecture that will rarely let you blink or look downwards. The “city of the future” as many refer to it has a remarkable collection of architectural masterpieces from world-renowned architects and designers.

When you consider the rate at which the authorities adopt the construction of new, astonishing buildings, you need to re-visit the emirate at least once every year.

3: Luxurious housing

Whether you come to Dubai to stay for a week or a year you are guaranteed to live in lavishing conditions. Most of the properties in Dubai are in the category of the high-class estate and offer top level of living conditions.

Apartments in blue ribbon residential areas like Port De La Mer, Emaar Beachfront, Bluewaters Residences offer extraordinary facilities and a remarkable selection of useful amenities. Living in one of these villas even for one day will make you fall in love with Dubai.

4: Outstanding safety and security

Dubai is considered to be one of the safest cities to live in. You can easily walk through the city at any hour of the day or by night without risking your security as there is almost no crime in the emirate.

5: Family-centric environment

Dubai is one of the top destinations when it comes to providing your family with the highest level of living standards. If you choose to move in one of the Madinat Jumeirah living apartments you benefit from state of the art facilities and access to top medical centers, educational institutions, and a family-oriented environment.

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