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At the Service of Storage to Be Hold as Well

An organization specialized in the multiservice of excellence , able to offer a multifunctional service that, in compliance with current regulations and in line with the needs of functionality and image, summarizes the performance of all activities subject to various services that will be carried out, in complete organizational autonomy, with a view to efficiency and effectiveness to be pursued through the professionalism of the resources involved, the optimization of their use and the necessary and strategic coordination action carried out by the company.

Storage unit management is the ideal partner for the company that wants to outsource the management of its documents, as it is proposed as a technological partner with high added value, providing dynamic solutions, tailored to specific needs and at reasonable costs, variable and without investments of any kind.The storage archive management service is at the base of the pyramid of archiving services with specific prerogatives inherent to the conservation of the storage units Kansas City.

In outsourcing mode, the service is developed through three operational phases:

Analysis of existing problems and preparation of the operational project. This phase includes both consulting in analyzing the client’s operational needs, its archiving logic and the need for consultation, and the definition of an operational model and a technological architecture for the conservation and consultation of documentation: physical, optics, online, etc.

The taking charge of the archive starting from the collection of documentation at the customer and continuing with the transport to the Storage Center. The documentary material is ordered, filed, boxed and finally stored on suitable shelves; for each Storage Unit, the relative association with the logistics coordinates takes place, based on the positioning in the warehouse.

Consultation of the archive is enabled up to five request modes: per box, folder, file, sub-folder and single document. The consultations are processed according to the codified procedures for requesting and forwarding the documents, with the optional possibility of scanning and forwarding the documents electronically.

Storage service is a consolidated national reality characterized by a strong entrepreneurial dynamism and a remarkable organizational flexibility; these elements have allowed the company to achieve its objectives by investing in human and material resources to always respond with professionalism and timeliness to the needs of a constantly evolving market.

The companies make evident its ethical and social commitment to their Stakeholders, applying the SA8000 standard with the development and use of a Social Responsibility Management System maintaining and strengthening the policies, procedures and practices to manage the processes, activities and situations that the company can control and / or influence. The safety and protection of the health of the personnel employed are cornerstones of our company philosophy, the achievement of this strategic objective istorage units Kansas Citys ensured through the widespread training and information of the staff.

The logic underlying the organizational structure is therefore focused on the univocity of responsibilities in such a way as to generate, without any uncertainty, a direct correspondence between function / activity and professional figure. In the same way, the defined functions make it possible to report the information necessary for the optimal management of the various services to be provided to the hierarchical figure of reference in a clear and transparent manner. Organizational management is structured in a flexible way and therefore dynamically open to any verification aimed at improving the services offered.

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