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Best Tech Blogs To Follow in 2019

Keeping up with the latest technology trends is difficult and it gets harder every year. Existing technologies continue to evolve, and new technologies are created regularly. One of the best ways to stay informed is to follow some of the many technology blogs available online.

Of course, technology is a very broad term and as you would expect many tech blogs focus on different tech areas.  Some focus on transferring sites, some focus on specific areas of hosting like WordPress Hosting, just depends.   Even more important, every blog has their own style of writing and reporting. Here are some of the best tech blogs that you should be following in 2019.

The Verge

If you are looking for a great spread of technology topics, The Verge has you covered. It has blog content for all the latest tech news available in one place. It covers new social media news, services like Netflix, tech device coverage including smart phones, video games, PC and MAC, and much more.

On top of delivering well written blogs every day, they also release their own video content. While their primary content is tech oriented, they also have plenty of articles on other topics like cars, environment, and more.


Mashable is a great mashup of content that covers a lot of different tech stories from the biggest to the smallest. What really makes Mashable standout is the amount of content they release in both written and video form. Not only is there a lot of content, but they offer very diverse topics that cover multiple tech industries while also branching out into other popular categories.


Techcrunch is a great tech blog to follow now and in the future. It offers a wide array of tech related news including services, software, hardware and general tech news. What really separates Techcrunch from the competition is their global focus. They have tech news from around the world, which is really important as our world becomes more interconnected.


Are you interested in tech entertainment news? If so, Engadget is the place to go. This blog has a wide array of tech news from around the globe, but one of its best attributes is its gaming news. It covers gaming news from all platforms but offers more news on services and store changes.

Entertainment and technology are closely related and learning about the latest trends in tech industries like gaming is exciting. Considering that the video game industry is the largest entertainment industry in the world, it makes sense to stay up to date.


Gizmodo is another tech blog that covers a little bit of everything. With a primary focus on technology, they cover many stories and reviews of products, but they also branch out into other categories like the environment, entertainment, and other closely related topics.

Getting information on other fields is important. For example, wind energy is really big around the world and without a doubt that is tech and environment news wrapped into one.

MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review is an awesome blog that sheds light on emerging technologies. It examines a wide array of topics from the future of AI to crypto currencies. It has a very insightful tone and is truly informative on the matter. If your looking for informative information on new technologies, this is the blog to follow.

Fast Company

Fast Company is a technology blog with a real focus on business applications. Like most technology blogs, it showcases innovative gadgets, but also focuses on how some technologies can be applied in businesses. It’s full to the brim with both written and video content and covers a little bit of everything. It is a great choice to follow for those interested in technology’s role in business.


Futurism looks at how technology will impact the future of our society. It covers technology used in space, energy generating devices, and many other tech fields that relate to our societies.  This is the perfect blog to follow if you are interested in the ways technology will affect humans in the future.

Follow Who You Like

The most important part of following any blog is liking the content they offer. There are thousands of tech blogs to choose from and each one has a unique way of delivering content. Technology blogs cover everything from software to hardware and everything in between.Everyone has different taste in the content they read, so finding out what you like best is important.

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