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Enhance your TV’s looks – buy DTH!

A DTH connection gives your TV set a much-needed facelift – and you get superior programming that you always dreamed of.

Today, it is a common enough sight to see TV dish antennas fixed on the tops of building terraces and outside flat windows. An increasing number of people are making the switch from the tired and old cable TV networks, to DTH. Once you’ve experienced the wonders of DTH, there is no going back to cable TV!

Here are out top 3 reasons to buy DTH and get rid of your old cable connection forever:

#1 You get superior picture and sound quality.

You would think that the SD channel quality on DTH is the same as that on cable, but you would be wrong. The DTH connection offers the most superior viewing experience, with sharp picture and sound. Of course, the HD channels are even better: with higher pixel resolution and surround sound, sports, action movies and even GEC programming comes alive in your living room every day. Plus, unlike cable TV which offers unexplained outages, poor picture quality and several ‘frozen’ images and channels, you get zero transmission problems when you buy DTH from a leading provider like Airtel.

2 You have the freedom to choose the pack and channels that you want to watch.

Your biggest complaint against cable TV is that you are bundled with a bunch of channels that you are never going to watch – but which you pay for, all the same. If only you had the choice to watch and pay only for those channels of your choice…but you do, with DTH! When you buy DTH, you get the liberty to choose the channels of your choice, via different packs curated as per genre, language, and a mix of the two as well. Airtel DTH provides a variety of different monthly packs so there is a wide choice for you. The packs are extremely reasonably priced as well.

3 You have the freedom to recharge the connection and modify the pack as well.

Say you buy a DTH connection. You are happy with the overall services provided by the operator. But soon, you need to recharge your connection. You should be allowed to do so online, in just a few clicks on the provider’s app or website. A cable connection charges a monthly bill – in some cases, it is added to the monthly society maintenance bill – and you have to pay it via cheque or cash. Paying your DTH recharge online is much more convenient. Also, leading providers like Airtel offer you the chance to modify your existing channel pack at the time of recharge. You can subtract a few channels and add a few new ones, or get an entirely new pack if you want.

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