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Enjoy The Benefits Of A Large Database With The Help Of Videomate App


If you have a business or are the owner of a store renting videos, or DVDs or games, then you are the one who might be aware of all kind of complications that is experienced by the owner. Managing the sales, rentals or the exchanges at times becomes very difficult. It is a very hectic task, and you ask for proper involvement both mentally and physically. There is an app known as videomate which is designed and developed especially for managing the task of the store owner and that too efficiently. It does the managing work of the sales, exchanges and rentals. It will prove very fruitful even for those who are looking to operate their store form their home as it allows online payment also.

The latest version of this app went a step forward and allowed the user to visit the websites and also get the movies reserved. For sale purpose, it also gives the point of sale from which payments can directly be made from any of the devices. The videomate app also started supporting the deciphering of the barcode along with the printing of the receipts and use of mailing services. Because of the huge database, you can easily add the details or edit the details of your customer. You can add the customers’ name, date of birth, address, date of payment, any late payment, their family details, credit card details or any information that you are aware of any want to add in the database.

What are the features of the videomate app?

Following are some of the features of this app:

  • Have membership options
  • Supports POS module
  • WebLink compatibility
  • Faster payments
  • Sends online reports including the rental statistics
  • Event alerts like the birthdays of the customers or alerts regarding the credit card
  • Manages pre-orders
  • Monthly membership plan
  • Can print receipts by scanning the barcode
  • Password protected
  • File backup

Where is the videomate app available?

The videomate app can be downloaded from any of the app stores, be it in-built app store or the third-party app stores.

What is the price of videomate app?

It can be downloaded from any of the app stores without paying any money i.e. free of cost.

Does videomate app need some special requirements for its use?

No, any such special requirement is not required for using this app. It has a pretty easy user interface and anyone having the basic knowledge of the Windows can use it.

Where to see the details of your jio plan?

For looking at the details of your jio plans you have two options. Either you visit their website or download the myjiio app. In the app, you can see all the details regarding the plan that you bought. You can even check your data usage or the call logs and many such features like recharging or buying additional add-ons.

Hence you have a better option of downloading myjio for getting all the information regarding the subscribed plans.

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