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Get to know the importance of hand tools

At various events, one needs to have some of the tools to fix different types of jobs at home. The assistance from the professional experts may prove costly, and hence one may prefer to fix them by his own with the help of the hand tools. Hand tools are the tools which are powered by hands without involving any machinery power like those of the motors. History is the proof it cannot be denied that hand tools have been playing a very noted role in human’s life since ages. Since the Stone Age, it has been a very thing which is needed by man in day to day life. Hand tools are of many types which include striking tools like the hammer, the wrenches, clamps, pliers, and cutters etc.

History of the hand tool

The very first-hand tools for humans was a stone which was used for the cutting and hammering. Later on in the Bronze Age, people used the tools which were made by the alloy of copper and tin made in a proportion. And it was found that that the tools made from the bronze were efficient as they were harder and were sharp as well which was appropriate for the cutting purpose but it was found that the bronze tools were not durable.

Then there was Iron Age where people replaced the base metal which was used for making tools. The bronze was replaced by iron. The tools made by iron proved to be durable as well as way stronger than that of Bronze tools. There are power tools which make the use of the technology for powering the toll. When these tools are found to be portable, people misunderstand them as the hand tools. But the hand tools are the ones which are powered manually by hands. One can make hand tools online purchase at a very affordable rate.

Categorization of the hand tool

The hand tools are used in the various purposes in our daily lives. One can get the hand tool kit online India where there are all the tools which are needed basically in the daily life. The tools can be classified into four categories depending on the use of the appliance. The tools can be used as they are required domestically and industrially as well.

The range of the help given by the hand tools is many if counted. The categories into which the hand tools are divided are cutting tools, griping and pinching tools, hammering tools, driving tools. As stated above that people assume the portable hand tools to be the hand tools. The drills are the portable devices and are used during drilling of holes in the walls to get the nails stuck for the household use.

The drills are powered electrically. Though they are portable and their appearance is merely like those of the hand tools, but they are not hand tools. We are surrounded by the electrically powered tools definitely, but this is hand tools are equally important as well in our daily life.

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