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Gold of Akmola mines

RG Gold Mining company, owned by the management group Verny Capital, belonging to Bulat Utemuratov, successfully develops the gold Akmola deposits and is preparing to introduce new gold extracting technologies.

RG Gold LLP has been developing monodepositsYuzhnyi and SevernyRaigorodok of the Burabaysky Region since 2014. At that time, the owners of quarries extracted not more than 500 kg of gold per year. Thanks to the modernization of the hydrometallurgical shop and new production facilities, the new owner managed to double this amount in 2015, and in 2018 the gold miner plans to extract up to 1.5 tons of gold.

The process of extracting precious metal at the Akmola deposits is not an easy task, because you need to process a ton of rock to get 1 gram of gold. However, the ore in these quarries refers to easily processed raw materials (oxidized and primary rocks), without difficult-to-separate impurities, which, moreover, is mined in open cast, that is why the production is estimated as highly profitable.

In 2017, RG Gold company did some geological exploration – exploratory core drilling for 125 thousand LM. The study confirmed the prospects of the mines. If in 2012 the reserves of the deposit, the total area of which is 67.7 square kilometers, were estimated at 35 million tons, then according to new estimates, they are not less than 100 tons. To exploit the deposits, the gold miner plans to build a new processing plant, the capacity of which will be enough to process 4 million tons of ore. The expected level of gold extraction is at least 85-90 % (melted ingots in the form of Dore beat are sent to specialized factories for cleaning).

Currently, the ore in Yuzhnyi and SevernyRaigorodok quarries is produced in open cast at a depth of up to 100 m. Precious metal is extracted by heap leaping. However, the gold miner is preparing to conduct additional exploration activities, the results of which predict the extraction at great depths. According to the calculations of the company, the redistribution of primary ores will not begin until 2021. The gold miner is already conducting research activities and preparation for the introduction of new production technologies.

Along with business projects, the founder of RG Gold company takes part in social projects of Burabay region. Thanks to the investment group Verny Capital, renovation work in local school has been carried out, and the children’s educational institutions got all necessary equipment.

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