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Hair Care Tips for summer

In case summer is there and the days would be full of Sun rays then you have to be tactful about your hair. Similarly if you are going for a holiday, picnic or a trip and you think that you would be in Sun for long times then you have to be careful about your hair care. You have to make sure that your hair is not going for a toss.

It is important that you Protect hair from sun damage and you can do that by taking precautions. Have you ever pondered about how the sun influences your hair? Just as it can harm your skin, the sun can even damage hair and scalp. So it is the right time to learn how to guard your hair from sun, heat, and of course humidity.Of course, you can always use right shampoos and creams but other than that too; there are things that have to be kept in mind. Have a look below at some of the common things for quick fix.

Wear a hat

Come on, wearing a hat is no longer an obligation but a style statement. Many people wear different kinds and styles of hats and caps. You can also get that funky cap for your head. You can wear it and make sure that the Sun does not harm your hair. Of course, you can have those cotton hats that are cool to wear and protect you from Sun rays simultaneously.

Colour hair?

In case you have color-treated hair then you have to take extra care of your hair during the time of summer or those times when you are in Sun. you know chemical treatments blended with the burning summer sun can head to color fading, maximum harm and hair dryness. If you are choosing hair care products then make sure you have the ones made especially for color-treated hair.And yes, in case you plan to change your hair color during the time of summer, do it a month or two before this sun hits hard. However, in case you have recently dyed your hair, try to evade exposing your hair to extreme or direct sunlight as much as possible as it might bleach your hair.  Here a cool stylish cap can help you.

Apply conditioner

In case the damage has already been done and your hair has turned out to be damaged, dry and brittle, you might help restore some moisture if you use a nourishing, quality conditioner.  You have to pick the conditioner that suits your hair texture and hair type. Once you use it properly, you can guard your hair to much extent and restore the lost charm again. Remember, if you are out for picnic or otherwise, there too make sure to carry your conditioner along. If you wash your hair don’t forget to apply conditioner too. It would be good if you sue the conditioner of the same rand that the shampoo belong to.


So, whether you choose to use Ketomac dandruff treatment shampoo or any other shampoo; these important points have to be on your to do list.

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