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Here’s How To Make Your Coffee Shop As Successful As Starbucks

Starting a business is not an easy feat, especially in today’s market, where every industry is very competitive. No matter what kind of business you are into, you can run it successfully only if you have some extraordinary skills up your sleeve and outstanding ideas coupled with dedication and unwavering determination.

Just like any other businesses, opening a coffee shop is a challenging task and has its own set of difficulties on its way to success. For example, if a coffee shop slows down then its monthly expenses like the salary of staff, electricity bill, grocery bill and rent among other thhigs becomes a big headache to handle. And even if it’s running smoothly, then too, maintaining its revenue is a challenging task and requires a lot of efforts.

We have seen many coffee shop owners who started their business with big hopes and ended up incurring losses and eventually shutting down their venture. So if you’re someone who aspires to establish a coffee shop and make it a big hit, we have shared some tips that will not only help your business survive but also make it a trademark.

  1. Consistency is the key

To become a successful brand, it’s necessary to maintain consistency in the quality of what you are serving to your patrons. Businesses, known for their quality products and services often rule over the heart of their customers earning their loyalty in return.

So make sure you have the best equipment on board and that you use fresh and the finest ingredients always to serve the best cup of coffee. And for this, you will have to buy the best espresso machine so that your customers know how much you value quality over everything else..

  1. Easy layout

The layout of the coffee shop plays an important role no matter whether you are preparing your dishes or serving them to your patrons. Your kitchen layout should be such that your staff moves around smoothly while preparing orders for your customers. All the ingredients and appliances should be handy to them so that they don’t have to compete with each other for space.

Each accessory that your kitchen staff needs to access often (including storage bins, fridge, coffee cups, and grinder) should be within their reach– probably stored in the overhead cabinets.

Similarly, the chairs and the tables in the restaurants should be arranged in a way that your staff has enough space to move around them easily and take orders from customers.

  1. Use Royalty cards

Royalty cards really work in a coffee shop business but make sure that the cards you are using are quality cards and are designed beautifully. These cards should not only look good in your patron’s wallet but should also be durable.

Your customers will surely feel excited when you reward their loyalty by presenting them with a royalty card and its various perks.

  1. Promote sales

Although your coffee is the prime motivator of the business, it contributes to only 40 to 50% of the overall profit. So to earn extra revenue, there have to be some other snacks on sale as well. You can include muffins, pancakes, cakes and cookies among other items. You can also introduce some seasonal dishes and beverages to attract more sales. For example, you can launch a sandwich of the day or coffee of the month.

It will not only give your patrons a variety of options to choose from but also motivate them to purchase more and draw the interest of customers.

  1. Limit the assortment

Many coffee shop owners think that assortment and expensive items that they add to their space attracts more customers. But the fact is that your patrons come to your shop because they want to eat or drink something, and not to see the assortment your place has. So focus on the quality and taste of the food item.

But yes, make sure you are not missing out any necessary item like some florescent lights for the overall illumination of the space, a designer radiator to keep the room warm and pleasant in cold winter days and of course, add some stylish and functional furniture.

Whether you decide to show a little character by opening your coffee shop in a loft conversion in london or whether you choose a busy high street, we hope these tips will help you make your coffee shop better and set you apart from your competitors.

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