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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Cloud Computing

Every technology expert is well aware about the potential of cloud computing and its help towards enhancing IT solutions, such as storing data. Since cloud computing has been around for a few years now, businesses have to think about how it will evolve and benefit their company.

We all are aware about trends, such as the rise of mobile phones replacing desktop computers and the Internet of Things, which has made small changes to the cloud technology. But now technology experts are working on how artificial intelligence (AI) could possibly improve cloud computing just the way cloud technology has improved AI development.

One of the largest cloud companies, IBM states that, “The combination of AI and cloud computing promises to be both a source of innovation and a means to accelerate change.”

Cloud computing can help offer AIs with the data that they need to learn. On the other hand, the AIs can offer data that gives a cloud detailed information. Due to this symbiotic relationship between the two, it can transform the development of AI.

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Can AIs Finally Speak?

One of the major transformations in the AI development all this time has been how tech companies can develop AI which can finally learn. To refresh your memory on this, a well known example of this new machine learning occurred earlier in 2017 when an AI happened to defeat the world’s best Go player.

Instead of having to brute-force the best possible moves, the AI learned it by playing million of games with itself and finding strategies that could help it win (strategies which even the Go players would have not considered).

However, we know that machine learning has a far better practical purpose than just playing games. Therefore, one of the biggest fields it is implemented in is the field of conversation (where voice responsive AI systems are able to respond to human commands in one-go).

While we are very much aware with personal assistants such as Cortana and Siri, which can respond to voice commands, technology companies are focusing more on developing AI systems that can learn new words and how they can respond differently.

We solely believe that there is still a lot of work to be done to perfect this technology. The goal however is to build an AI that can efficiently communicate like a normal human being.

Cloud computing would be of a lot of help to achieve this goal. Many disparate servers which are a part of cloud computing hold the information that an AI can access and use to make decisions and learn things such as how to hold a conversation.

But as a single AI learns to do this, it can impart the new data back to the cloud which can be then used by other AIs to learn the same as well.

Combining AI and the Cloud

As we mentioned above, the possibilities of the AI and the cloud would be that tech companies which are specialised in one of those will be putting more efforts into getting involved with both.  Most of these cloud AI technologies take either of the two forms,

  • They either are cloud machine learning platforms such as Google Cloud Machine Learning.
  • Or they are AI cloud services like IBM Watson.

The latter one is certainly interesting because of the several applications through which SMEs can use AI cloud services. Consider this example for better understanding, Wired recently reported how companies are relying on IBM Watson to help fight against cybercrimes.

For starters, it is not as simple as plugging Watson into a USB and allowing it to handle it all for you. Researchers are supposed to teach Watson several parts of how to deal with hackers and cyber criminals, which is when it becomes more effective as it stores information through the network.

One incredible detail about this learning process is that while Watson knows so much in detail, there is still an essential role humans have to play. Although Watson can read a lot many reports compared to that of humans, it still makes some basic, fundamental mistakes like thinking that ‘Ransomware’ designates a geographical location. Researchers here help Watson and guide it towards accurate information so that it can learn to think correctly.

If you keenly observed, the AI, the cloud computing and humans are needed in all the stages of the process. The AI is required to learn, the cloud computing is required so that the AI can access more information related to cybercrimes rather than just storing it in the server and the humans are required to help the AI when it makes any mistakes.

This kind of cooperation and technological development could be applied to any possible field we could think about today to develop something entirely new.

An AI and Cloud Fusion In The Future

By combining the AI, the machine learning and the information stored in the cloud would mean that both the AI and humans can analyse and collect more information than they did before. Experts say that 2018 could be the year when AI becomes a part of our daily lifestyle. We believe that AI capabilities could be only enhanced with the development of cloud technology.

Therefore, we are observing big companies like Google and IBM as they work on combining these two. The end results are sure to transform the way we view both the AI and the cloud.

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