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How Secure Is Your Ticketing Software?

Understanding ticketing software

It is a system which collects the customers’ requests from various sources and administers at one place. The ticketing software helps to sell the tickets, distribute them in line, and scan them before the events. The entire system is designed such that it even tracks the inventory, accepts tickets, and facilitates payments too. The most common features of the software are mobile ticketing, reserved seating, barcode scanning, customer relationship management, seating charts, and ticket sales. This software is available online; one can find both options – free and premium.

The concept of ticketing is to allow the customers communicate with the company through their favourable channel. However, at the same time, it seems that there are agents to offer their opinion about the customers. That basically includes previous requests and contextual data. All these are organized in one system where constant tracking is done at regular intervals. Additionally, the teams learn what is going on and find improvements in the processes too.

Features to look for in ticketing software

It is essential to check how secured your ticketing software is. In order to do that, there are certain features you need to look for in the system.

  1. Customized templates: It is absolutely true that not all tickets can look the same. There is a requirement of a system that can offer you plenty of templates, which can be combined with multiple questions whenever the need arises.
  2. SLA status information: SLA refers to Service Level Agreement. It is the information that helps the employees to prioritize the tickets at the very first look. It is a good feature that prevents any SLA violations at the event.
  3. Customizable ticket status: Different events demand different options. Therefore, the ticketing system needs to have several status options which can be changed as and when the need arises. It should also help to create emails and send to the customers the moment when the status of the event changes.
  4. Safety: Besides the other features, safety or security is an aspect that has to be on the top when you are selecting ticketing software. In case you are looking forward to running the system through a web browser, it is important to have SSL or secure sockets layer. This will help to build a secure network between your browser and server. Based on the information type, the security can be heightened. A secured system will never leak any kind of information to the public.
  5. 24 x 7 support: It is important to have a 24×7 helpdesk service attached to the software. This will improve transparency and enables smooth customer engagement. The tool can be used in the case is any technical issues such as cutting down the number of tickets or so on.
  6. Integrations: A safe integration system allows you to include data from other programs. The tool should integrate with the ticketing work, and make your job easier. In a way, you can go for software that will help integrate the email host of the company to manage tickets that are sent through emails.

Factors to consider when looking for secure ticketing software

It is not so easy to find a secure ticketing system. Keep an eye on the following factors before you pick up one.

  • Data access: You wouldn’t want to access a part of the information. Hence, look for software that offers you complete access to all the data. This will help in exporting the data whenever necessary. Also, it helps to make sound decisions in the future.
  • User experience: It is one of the critical factors to keep in mind. When the users find it easy to run their hands on the software, they can sell a number of tickets. However, if there are any technical glitches, then the number would go down. There are facts to support this statement.
  • If there are additional steps needed, there will be drop down by 10% of users to buy the ticket
  • In case the software asks the users to create a new account, 23% will drop the plan
  • If the software takes too long to load, then 7% of the people will close the system.
  • Reliability: Everybody looks out for trustworthy software, which applies to the ticketing system too. It is hence crucial to check out the reviews and ratings of the system before availing it for yourself. Go for it only when you think you can depend on it.

To conclude, there are many things to examine ticketing software. However, when the stakes are really high, then there is no harm in giving a try. Get an advanced experience with the new system and see how easy it is to go with it. When you have the right software, you cannot look back.

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