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How to Look for Minor Home Damages You Might Not Know You Have

Walls and floor tiles in the Philippines are usually durable when it comes to everyday stresses and forces. But when there are things that are out to damage them, then like any other part of your home, they’re prone to getting broken as well. From your appliances and furniture to your ceilings and walls, all of them are susceptible to some kind of impairment especially when they are exposed to something they shouldn’t be exposed to.

Make sure your home is free from even the most minor of damages! All you have to do is look for these simple things and you’ll spot them out in no time!

Move you Furniture and Look at Where they are Put

Sometimes, Furniture such as sofas, chairs, and tables are heavier than they look. Not to mention the load that they have to support when someone sits on them or items are put on top of tables. Take note that some floor tiles are durable, while others, particularly those made for lesser traffic areas, are somewhat more prone to damages than others.

Moving furniture will ultimately show you what happens on the blind spot of where they are put. If it was put on a corner, covering a portion of the wall and the floor, then you might find out that it was hiding some cracks on the floor or some markings on the wall. Move your furniture, and even your appliances around and you might find something that you didn’t expect hidden in their shadows!

Look for Wet Surfaces in an Otherwise Dry Place

Another easier way of spotting home damages is to look for wet surfaces in places where there aren’t supposed to be any. These can only mean three things—there’s a leak on the ceiling and water from the rain can drop from that; there’s a leakage in the pipes behind your walls, or someone just spilled their drink.

Holes on the ceiling may need a bit of professional help, especially if it’s a large one. Leakages within walls, on the other hand, should be fixed immediately because it can lead to many other problems when left alone. Of course, the last one won’t be a problem, but the first two, when discovered should quickly be solved. Fix them as soon as possible so that they won’t be a nuisance in the future.

Inspect Your Surroundings

And the most common way of looking for such damages is, well by keeping a keen eye on the watch. Sometimes you don’t need to look that hard to find minor damages at home. Sometimes you’ll just see and hear something out of the ordinary and boom—you’ll find yourself a damaged tile, or a broken window.

Minor damages in your house aren’t something that you necessarily look for, but when you put your mind to it, you’ll definitely find them quickly!

Key Takeaway

Minor home damages are not something that you can freely look away from. Sometimes they are signs that you have even bigger problems than you think. So don’t just laugh at those discoloring walls, or cracked floor tiles. In the Philippines, making sure that your home is your safe haven is key. So get to work and find those minor home damages today!

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