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How to Merge Multiple vCard File into Single VCF Contact

Most of us use contacts in our day to day life. The contacts are mostly saved in vCard format digitally. But the main problem arises when we have to export vCard files to some other devices that too in 1000 of numbers. In that case, it is not possible to move contacts files one by one. So, what’s the solution? The foremost key is to merge multiple vCard files into one. To view all contacts in VCF file and merge them into single contact, just go with this blog.

If you are still not able to understand the problem, consider some scenario where you need to export multiple of vCard contacts to some other device from some reputed forum.

“I want to export 1000 vCard contact file to my Android phone. As it is a very big number, moving each contact one by one is not a very practical thing. But I do not the other way around. Can anybody please tell me the easy and reliable solution to merge multiple vCard into single VCF file, so that it can be transferred further into other devices.”

Seems like a tough task!!! Right? Do not worry, in this article, we will tell you some unique ways to merge multiple VCF files into one. Here we go.

Methods to Merge vCard files in One VCF files

Predominantly, there are two approaches to store multiple vCard contacts into single VCF file and they are:

1. Manual Method
2. Automated Approach

Manual Method to Merge VCF files into One

1. The first step you need to do is copy all your contacts into single folder. In my case, I have saved all my VCF contacts in two folders i.e., Export and VCF.
2. On your system, hit on Windows + R keys together and type “cmd” in the dialog box. This will open Windows command prompt on your system.
3. Navigate to the folder where are the vCard files have been stored. You have to change your folders by using “CD” command.
4. After reaching your specified folder, enter this command: copy *.vcf all.vcf
5. After the command, all files will be merged into one vCard file. It will be named as all.vcf.

Automated Approach

If you want a more reliable and efficient method, use Systools VCF Viewer. The tool will automatically merge all your vCard contact file without any loss of data. Apart from this, VCF Viewer has other special features which makes it a strong competitor in its arena. If you have multiple vCard files saved in a single VCF contact file, use this particular tool to split the VCF file. You can also view multiple vCard contacts from any platform like Android, Mac, etc.


From the above blog, now you know that how to merge multiple vCard file into single VCF file. Users can go for any of the solution whether manual approach or automated method. But we are highly recommending to use automated solution as they are more reliable and efficient.

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