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Immediate Response During Disaster Affected Areas

The rural development organisation

Nobody can predict a natural disaster and it is know to happen frequently all of a sudden. With the changes occurring in the environment, increasing global warming all are leading to more frequent natural disasters that are mostly weather related. Usually during a natural disaster an entire village, city or even a certain geographical area can get affected to a large extent. Not only this but also a large population, hundreds and thousands of people get affected as well and thus require shelter. They will require a proper shelter in the days, weeks or months that would be needed to bring everything that is damaged back to normal after a disaster. So, at this time for protecting the people from the effects of the damage, several relief camps or organisations come forward to provide shelter for survival and recovery

The rural development organisation take the responsibility of providing shelter to the survivors of an affected rural area. Since shelter is the first priority for the survival of human during a disaster the response should be immediate. The trauma that a person goes through during a natural disaster or any catastrophic event, at that time the need for a safe shelter is much more greater. Following are the ways by which an emergency shelter protects a person-

  • It protects or shelters the people from precipitation and also the chilling wind effects.
  • It insulates the body from a damp, cold ground caused by heavy rain, flood etc.
  • Portability or proper sheltering allows the people to stay near vital resources such as water, food supplies, etc.
  • Proper and immediate sheltering improves morale by providing the people a place of comfort and safety.

The charity for rural development successfully provides immediate access to shelter because of which the recovery efforts begin much more faster and thus also increase survival rates to a great extent. This factor is of importance since an entire region has to recover fast and restore their normal activities to infrastructure and also for rebuilding the local economy. The faster the response of creating an emergency, temporary and safe shelters, the sooner an affected area will begin to recover from the damage caused and rebuild their community as well.

An emergency shelter provides more facilities than just sheltering or housing people. Depending on the intensity of the need for a shelter, there is also the need for an emergency shelter to store necessary supplies like food, medicine and also building materials and these need to be stored safely.

Modern temporary shelters are portable and designed in such a way that it can be installed anywhere quickly. Immediately after deploying a crew, a functional camp will get constructed quickly. Good sanitary condition and security is also an important factor. Temporary shelters also need to be strong enough having all the necessary supplies. During a disaster rescue the crews should be able to

  • Deploy faster
  • Working self-sufficiently is important
  • Travel to remote, isolated disaster affected areas and places
  • Should also meet their own needs of shelter, food and water for survival

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