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Missing your loved inmate? Say it with a Picture Card!

Missing your loved inmate

Life is not easy when your loved one is in prison. Neither for you nor them. Their life seems to stop, but yours goes on. Dealing with this is very difficult due to the complicated visitation process. They miss out on so much. How can you then keep them updated? Read as we share what magic a simple postcard can create.

A gift of memories

Send your loved one down memory lane as they evoke the happy memories of past times shared together or keep them updated with events that they are missing. Send a picture card to give your incarcerated loved one fond memories to cherish while they are away.

Express with Picture Cards

When words fall short, a love-filled picture completes your story. Unique and cute, picture cards are the best way to share memories like your baby’s first steps, your daughter’s graduation, holiday celebrations, or a special occasion that you wish they shared with you. There is no better way to express your truest emotions than saying it with cute little notes filled with hearts, kisses, stars, and more.

Send a picture card to your loved inmate

We know that staying in touch with your loved one in prison, isn’t easy. The procedure is tedious and complicated. Even if you use digital channels, they do not guarantee delivery or maintain privacy. But here’s a find!

Inmate Compassion is an app that lets you send cute picture cards to your loved one in prison. It is very easy to use. Just download the app, select your picture card template and write your message. Then add pictures directly from your phone or social media gallery. Lastly, customize the font, color, background of the messages, and decorate your creation with adorable stickers. You will find stickers and multiple pre-designed templates for all your special occasions, themes and holidays.

The products listed on the app are approved by many prison facilities and so, the delivery is guaranteed and timely, all through the year. Not just picture cards, you can choose to send a letter to inmate or send a postcard in prison through the app. All you need to do is get the app, write your message, they print and deliver.Download the app now, and let them know you care with a picture card, letter, orpersonalized postcards.

Download Inmate Compassion Android App

Download Inmate Compassion iOS App

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