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Professional Help While Applying for Social Security Benefits

Generally, while applying for social security benefits, the individuals do not have a thorough understanding of the claims and often make mistakes while trying to file them on their own. In many cases, they simply do not understand the process, which can be confusing, which leads in the benefits being denied to them. Therefore, when individuals apply for social security benefits for the first time after they are unable to work due to some disability, they usually do so by taking advice from an attorney.

 Many times, the rules and processes are unnecessarily implied and can easily be avoided if one has the right knowledge about the process. It is always advised to consult a Raleigh Social Security attorney to avoid creating a mess. This is where the Disability Advocates Group comes in. We help you get the rights you are entitled to.

 Under the leadership of Kimberly Engler, our group of advocates can help you deal with your legal problems with finesse and, are a convenient option for people with disability who have unsettled claims and seek professional help.

Kimberly Engler is a member of the NADR, National Association of Disability Representatives. We, at DAG, provide you with a highly skilled group of advocates who guide you at every step. Not only are they knowledgeable and experienced but also very easy going at the same time. They will help you avoid the obstacles you could have faced while trying to manage everything on your own. Unlike other representatives, our group of advocates will clarify the terms and whatever you do not understand clearly without many legal terms.


 People with disability need to understand that when a claim has been denied, they need to fight for what is rightfully theirs rather than thinking that they might not be eligible for the benefits. When a claim is denied that does not always mean that you are not entitled to it, it can also mean that you have made an error in the process of filing that claim. We at DAG, manage everything that needs to be taken care of, professionally. Many people find that the process can be intimidating, which it is if you are on your own without legal knowledge or professional help. Our group of advocates is always happy to help our clients, in any way possible. You can contact our group of advocates to make sure whether you are eligible for the social security claim or not, lowering the chances of the claim being denied.

Why select us?

  • We provide highly refined and researched solutions.
  • Friendly advocates.
  • Great track record.
  • Over 25 years of experience.
  • Personal approach.
  • Free consultation.
  • Helpful and trusted.
  • Get the benefits of our services from home.
  • No fee unless we win your claim

  Where to find us? We are situated in the Raleigh NC, North Carolina. If you require our services, feel free to contact us through the contact number provided, or you can send us an email through our website, and we will surely provide you with professional consultation and that too, FREE OF ANY CHARGES.

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