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Secret Revealed: How to Make Your Mobile App  Viral and Addictive

Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Candy Crush Saga, Pokemon Go, PUBG – All these apps have become a key element of our lives. We use them every day religiously, no matter what happens in our lives. We devote our full attention to these mobile apps, since the day they entered the market. Ever wondered what makes us addicted to these applications? What magic do these mobile apps have, which other lacks? How can these apps reach and keep millions of users hooked, while many are still waiting for their first install? Taking this thought forward, we will together unveil the secret of how to make an addictive and viral app in this article so that you could achieve the goals decided at the time of mobile application development. But, firstly let’s look into what is app virality.

App Virality

As you might have guessed, app virality means the tendency of a mobile app to reach to a wider audience and become their favorite. Unlike the traditional marketing method, this approach of marketing focuses on engaging potential users who further work as your app advisors.

In other words, instead of you – a single person – trying to target millions of people, you target a single user who gets interested in your application. The user recommends/shares your application in his group and those users share it further.  This process, as you can see in the image above, result in attracting a wider audience with lesser-to-no efforts and funds invested in customer acquisition process. And this particularly happens because people trust in referral marketing. They tend to go with something that others have offered rather than trying something new.

But, the next question that arises here is: Why would users share your mobile app?

Well, it has been found that impressive app experience induces positive emotions in the target audience, which prompt them to spread ‘word of mouth’ about your mobile app to others. In case you are wondering how to offer a pleasant app user experience, look into the UI/UX trends firstly.

Now, as you know what the App Viral means and what is the science behind App Virality, let’s move to the main part of this article, i.e., how to make your mobile app addictive.

Tips to Make Your Mobile App Viral

To make your app go viral, either introduce a mobility solution that targets their pain points or provide them with something irresistible.

  • Look forward to investing in competitive analysis, or better say App Discovery phase as it can enhance the app survival rates.
  • Offer some exclusive opportunities like incentives, two-way referral offers, ease of sharing, and so on.
  • Consider the app speed and performance since a slow or crashing app can ruin the customer’s experience.

So, as you know what makes an app viral and how to do so in case of your app, next topic that we will cover in this article is App Addictiveness.

App Addictiveness

Let’s begin with an example. Suppose you uploaded a picture on Instagram. Do you keep your phone aside and do not touch it until the end of the day? Obviously not. You check it in every 15 minutes to see the response. This habit-forming nature is what is called as App Addictiveness.

To generate the same effect, the first thing you need to do is to study the science behind it. According to the top mobile app development agency, you can easily understand this addictive nature via Nir Eyal’s book Habit-Forming products. In his book, he explained the concept using a Hook model that symbolizes the four key elements in the process of app conversion to mobile app addiction.

These elements, as you can see in the image above, produces self-generating feedback loops that prompts users to automatically use your mobile app/services.

With this, let’s move to the tips and strategies a mobile app development agency should consider to make their app addictive.

Tips to Make Your App Addictive

To ensure that your efforts into mobile application development get fruitful results and your app serves with addictive experience, put some unpredictable elements into the app.

  • Make your app interactive and full of puzzle-solving that makes the customers excited and consider themselves as a part of your app.
  • Focus upon enhancing onboarding experience. Since it is the first thing users notice in your application when installed, make the experience remarkable.
  • Gamification is another impressive method to keep the users addicted to your mobile app.
  • Invest in push notifications and location-based services. By personalizing your services and providing them to your end users via different means, you can easily stay in their minds. However, as the top mobile app development companies recommend, do not send too many push notifications. Otherwise, the users might get frustrated and leave your app.

With the skyrocketing competition in the mobile market, it is extremely necessary to build an addictive and viral app. Otherwise, you might fail to leverage the benefits of investing in mobile application development and generate higher ROI. So, don’t waste a single minute. Study the science behind these two factors and implement the tips shared above.

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