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Should you be Scared of MRI scanning?

Different types of health conditions are there and to deal with them, there are different treatments too. You can come across different kinds of procedures that can be helpful to treat or at least measure the health condition. There are many times when a patient fails to find out what really he or she is going through. Of course, what if the doctor does not even get to know what is the issue or health problem with the individual? It would be really heart breaking right?

All thanks to procedures like MRI scan Bangalore that helps the doctors to find out the health condition of the patient.  Have you ever heard about magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, it is a simple medical process around the world?There is a use of a strong magnetic field and radio waves in MRI to create full images of the tissues and organs within the body. Since the invention of MRI, researchers and doctors continue to enhance MRI techniques to assist in medical procedures and research. 

What should you know about MRI?

An MRI scan uses a huge magnet, radio waves and even a computer to create a thorough, cross-sectional picture of inside organs and structures. The scanner itself actually looks like a huge tube having a table in the centre. It allows the patient to slide in. well, for your knowledge, an MRI scan differs from CT scans and X-rays, as it does not really use possibly harmful ionizing radiation. It is apparent that the development of the MRI scan has shown a great milestone for the world of medicine. With the help of this medical concept, Doctors, researchers and even those of scientists are now in a position to examine the within of the human body in high detail by using a non-invasive device.

Where does MRI get used?

There are many instances when MRI gets used to measure and examine a specific area of the body. Have a look below:

  • MRI helps to find out cysts, tumours,  and various anomalies in different parts of the body
  • Strangeness of the brain and spinal cord can also be measured by the MRI
  • abnormalities or wounds of the joints, such as the back and knee
  • assumed uterine anomalies in women experiencing examination for infertility
  • particular types of heart related issues
  • diseases of the liver and even various abdominal organs
  • the evaluation of pelvic pain in women, with causes including fibroids and even endometriosis
  • It helps in breast cancer screening of females too who have a high risk of breast cancer

This is just a few of the many instances when this MRI concept gets used. After all, where in the past things would not only come to light; today the issues, problems or any type of strangeness come to light in no time. The machine scans the organs, tissues and everything and hence the medical specialist or radiologist gets to know about everything that should be known.

What to prep?

There is hardly any preparation needed before you go for MRI scan.  Once you reach at the medical clinic, doctors could ask you to change your clothes and wear a gown. Since the magnets are used, it is critical that no metal objects are there in scanner. The experts therein will ask the patient to take off any kind of metal jewellery or fittings that could become a problem with the machine. You would probably be failed to have an MRI in case you have any metal within your body, for example bullets, shrapnel, or different metallic foreign bodies.

It can even encompass medical items, like cochlear implants, aneurysm clips and pacemakers. Moreover, in case you feel that you are scared of or fearful about enclosed spaces then you should tell the doctor. Often such types of patients can be given medication before the MRI to help make the procedure more comfortable. It is also clear that patients will sometimes get an injection related to intravenous (IV) contrast liquid to augment the visibility of an exact tissue that is pertinent to the scan.

The radiologist examines the reports properly. Actually he is a medical expert who specializes in medical images. This specialist will then talk to the individual through the MRI scanning procedure and answer any type of questions they might want to ask about the process. Once the patient has entered into the scanning room, the doctor is will help them onto the scanner table to lie down comfortably and properly.

Thestaffs therein makes sure that patient is as comfortable as possible by offering cushions or even blankets. Sometimes even headphones and ear plugs are also being given to block out the loud noises of scanner. This thing is quite popular with children so as to distract them from the clanking noises of the scanner.

What comes after the scanning?

Once the MRI scanning is done, the radiologist will evaluate and analyse the images to find out whether any more are needed. In case the radiologist gets satisfaction, the patient can easily go home. The radiologist is going to make preparation of a report for the requiring doctor. Patients are usually asked to make an appointment with their concerned doctor to talk about the outcomes of MRI. And it is equally important for you to know that it is quite rare that a patient could experience side effects from an MRI scan. However, the contrast dye might activate headaches, nausea, or even pain or burning at point of injection in some patients.

Allergy to thiscontrast stuff is also rarely seen but possible, and can head to itchy or hives   eyes. It is crucial to inform the technician in case any opposing reactions emerge.  So, the point is once your scanning is done the doctor would tell you about the information they could derive form the scanning and further steps are taken accordingly.

Thus, there is nothing to be worried in MRI. Whether you go to MRI centers in Bangalore or in your area; these are non-invasive and safe procedures. You would not have to be scared about anything.

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