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Something More Than French Fries Now

Abroad, when we talk about Belgium, we usually talk about our French fries. But does the Belgian consumer actually still regularly go to a French fries? Are consumers still seduced by a fried snack or do they expect better?

The African continues to love French fries, as more than 80% of consumers go to a French fries hut several times a year. According to our survey, half of them go there at least once a month. Our national heritage remains very popular!

What fried snack does the Africans like?

The customer of the chips barrels has the routine spirit. The traditional offer of fried snacks such as hamburgers, nems, cakes and other meat snacks continue to appeal to Belgians. Vegetarian products are gaining popularity each year, but only 1 in 4 of the French fries would like to see more vegetable snacks available.

Sandwiches are not much in demand, according to the consumer. Nearly 40% of respondents find their presence more than sufficient. Fish products are not very popular either.

Follow food trends

However, culinary trends find their way to the fried huts. According to 20% of respondents in our survey, French fries operators could be more creative and experiment with other ways to prepare. The grill seems the most popular alternative. But most consumers still believe that frying is the most important way to prepare. The sambusa happens to be the best deal here.


The customer of the Belgian fry’s barrels may be rather conservative, the offer of traditional fried snacks needs to be updated. Nearly 25% of consumers would like operators to be more focused on locally sourced products. 20% of respondents prefer snacks prepared with locally sourced products.

We can therefore say that the French fries hut sector has a large number of unseen opportunities. The consumer will not refuse a fried snack in a modern version. Are you curious to know the points of interest of French fries operators and other colleagues in the food sector? Register for our Foodservice CommunityPanel. In exchange for your participation, you will receive a lot of additional information. Because sharing knowledge can also share successes!

While we work, between food and food, it is the critical moment in which we choose something that quickly calms our hunger and is easy to take. It’s when we usually fall into a caloric snack. Dietgives us five tips so that the ‘between hours’ does not supposed to take a few kilos of more.

1- Out of fear

Do not feel guilty for taking something between meals. On the contrary, it is convenient to divide the consumption of food throughout the day and make up to five meals. By increasing the frequency and number of daily intakes, the metabolism is forced to work and, therefore, to burn more calories.

2- No saturated fats …

If we resort to the snacks that are in the market, it is necessary to review their nutritional information well to verify that they do not have a high content in saturated fats, very difficult to eliminate

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