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The Best Advice for Contact Centers in 2018: The Experts Weigh In

The world around us has been increasingly more noisy and nosey.  In fact we are finding it hard to escape from them and concentrate on the goals we have set (both personal and professional). The problem is especially hard for people who work in the customer support industry. It is such times that we (workers of the contact center industry) need the advise of experts. These experts can provide us with a bit of clarity and provide us with some advise on how to survive, but also manage 2018.

Advise of experts

Managing Partner CRMXchange, Sheri Greenhaus feels that technology has advanced so much that many thing that were considered futuristic are now practical. She, however, feels that there is no use of these technologies if companies have not placed the correct processes in place. Another thing that feels should not change is the value of customers. According to her call centers that respect the customers are the ones that are going to survive. She says we are customers in one way or the other. So, we should treat our customers the way we wished to be treated.

Author, Customer Experience Consultant, and Speaker Annette Franz has these two advice to give to call centers. The first is to find what inspires a person to give an excellent job. Some of them can be inspired by monetary gains while others might be inspired by non-monetary gains. Only after you find what it is that inspires your team will you be able to get the best from them. Second advice  is that you have to make your employees feel important. Only when they fee that their contribution means something for the company like Zendesk will they do their best.

Frank Eliason who is the author of @YourService and works as a Digital Strategy Consultant feels that companies should be more concerned about developing their brand and not what channels they are going to use. The channels will prove useful only when they have a clear understanding of the company. Many companies have often made the mistake of trying to imitate others and not being themselves. Being true to yourself is the first thing companies have to do.

HelpSocial CEO and co-founder Matt Wilbanks feels that is unfortunate that social channels are being treated as a siloed channel that exists outside the contact center. Companies that do this will face problems when it comes to maintaining a customer experience that is constant in all channels. Those companies that have managed to integrate all social channels into their customer support can provide a very good experience to their customers.

Donna Fluss, who works in DMG Consulting LLC, feels that their is a necessity to create standards. Technology is useful only when companies have managed to put a working strategy in place. Once this strategy has put in place can companies make full use the technology.

Bill Quiseng, who is blogger, speaker, and Customer Service Expert, feels that companies that wish to satisfy their customers must first make sure their employees are motivated. Unmotivated employees cannot provide customers with the solutions to the problems they face. In fact these employees can cause  a company to lose customers. Companies should aim to provide their employees with continuous training, work-life balance, career development, onboarding, and many more.  The team leaders must find way to eliminate the issues given by the customers while ensuring that their agents have access to the right tools needed to solve these problems.

Jeanne Bliss, who is an author and consultant feels that customers need to have meaningful interactions with humans. Companies need to have agents who respect the customer and have the real desire to help them. She feels that when the whole world is moving towards self-service, companies that still provide human interactions can separate themselves from the crowd. Many companies have already started following this and have so far managed to reap the rewards that come with it.

Alamo Cloud Solutions founder Tim Montgomery  feels that the process used in traditional support can also work in social channels provided that companies start treating these channels are real ones. He feels that there are various cool tools that companies can use to monitor aspects such their brands, how their competitions are faring and what demographics their customers fall under. To be able to use these tools companies integrate all channels into their call center. Companies that actively monitor social media and provide responses to their customers in real time will end up saving customers. He feels that all it needs is a couple of success stories and the senior management will start investing money and effort into social media.

Lusine Khachatryan from Data Informed feels that only when a tangible link has been established between business results and quality measures can one ensure that quality monitoring actually works. That implies companies have to start measuring behavior of the agents that will bring positive outcomes in the customer behavior. These include being more loyal, ready to spend more money more often and recommend the services of the company to others.


The advise given by the experts can help us (employees of call centers) navigate through 2018 and also be prepared for the next year.

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