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The impact of AI on customer experience

Today, customer experience can be regarded as the most important aspect of any business. It is a driver for growth when the business thrives, and a major threat when the business fails. In the digital business, customer experience should come before anything else, if you want your business to beat the heat of the competition. Therefore, there is a need to identify customer needs and preferences, and this is one place where we can use AI.

Customer experience and AI

One of the primary elements of any business is customer experience. Whether business is good or not depends on the kind of satisfied customers get out of the product or service. So, there is a need to improvise on customer satisfaction and experience. Emerging technologies such as AI are present for this very reason. To enhance the customer support, there is a need for customer insight data. However, this is not as easy as you may think. Customer behaviors are everchanging and are hard to capture as data sets. However, when you bring AI technologies such as chatbots and virtual assistants into the picture, customer experience becomes easy and hassle-free, not to mention, it becomes rapid as well.

Unlike human customer service representatives, AI chatbots work day in and out to provide a pleasing customer experience, thus bringing in more customer satisfaction and loyalty to drive more sales. Using both current and historical data, AI technologies will have a 360-degree view of customer satisfaction, so that they would be able to provide a smooth and personalized customer experience for each customer.

AI from the business perspective

Customer experiences are distinctive for different individuals, and the perception of customer experience is different for different businesses. AI must be able to learn to shape the behavior of a customer from its experiences from interactions with customers. For this, whatever information the AI  fed with must be contextual. Contextual here isn’t just knowing what the interaction was all about. It is more about understanding the customer’s journey and the KPIs that helped shape the customer’s behavior. So, an AI must be able to shape the customer’s behavior and thus improvise on the customer experience by understanding the context of the business in question. Once they’re equipped with that kind of information, AI will be able to shape the customer’s behavior in accordance with the business.

Using AI to resolve issues related to customer experience.

Every customer has a notion that his journey towards the product or service will be a smooth one. And it is the duty of every business to ensure that. Every step of this journey poses a different kind of challenge. And these challenges could increase churn rates. However, using advanced AI technologies, these challenges can be overcome by identifying and analyzing what they are. So, businesses should be able to understand the patterns of defects or flaws in their products or services and bring them back on track. Furthermore, the websites should be designed in such a way that they are easily navigable and information-laden so that customers will have a vanilla experience when they seek the information they so desire. AI can be used in this respect to offer personalized websites by analyzing data such as demographics, devices used and location and offer related content accordingly.

Exposure to AI and its familiarity

Not all customers are used to AI. So, the more they are exposed to one, the more trust they bestow upon it and not to mention, the business. However, before they can do this, businesses should emphasize the importance of AI for doing the business. AI can also help regain those lost customers or rebuild that lost trust in the brand by giving out more information, not only about the business or the brand, but also about the AI itself, and how and why it helps the business and the customers alike. AI can do this by collecting vital, real-time data from the customers and then using that data for a more personalized and empathetic customer experience. A good customer experience and a satisfied customer are both keys to drive sales for any kind of business. Therefore, the business should ensure that its AI technology is delivering quality service. And so, the business should be adept at the technology, to harness its full potential.

Although AI is quite new to the field of business, its use knows no bounds. Customers seek a more personalized approach to their journey towards the product or service and AI can be leveraged for this very purpose by identifying customer concerns and their key habits and interests and offering them services of the utmost quality.

AI technologies such as chatbots and virtual assistants may be increasingly used in fields such as sales and marketing in the coming years. The use of AI for customer experience will not only help eliminate those boring tasks of providing a satisfactory customer experience, but it will also increase the efficiency of the business and allow for concentrating on the more complicated aspects of the business. However, at the end of the day, AI can certainly help boost customer and employee experience and satisfaction, which in turn helps boost sales, and everyone can walk out happy.

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