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The Gold Medal Wine Club Review

The gold medal wine club is California based wine club which offers a large variety of wine to their customers according to their personal choices. They have 6 options to customize your wines selection.

They have vast numbers of wines choices, but like other wine clubs, the shipment charges on different wines differs with location and also with the type of membership. So it is the middle option for drinkers who want to experience a vast variety of wines in budgeted amount.

They offerthe following series of wines in their club-

  • Gold series
  • Platinum series
  • Pinot noir series
  • Diamond series
  • International series
  • Garagiste series

The goal of this club is to deliverhigh-quality samples of wines to their respective members. Their focus is on highly rated California wines, but they also include international series of wines which gives worldwide taste to members.

There are lots of choices for the member, so they merely select the series of wine, then they choose a number of the bottle, the frequency of delivery,i.e, they want this choice for a single shipment or ongoing shipment.

So as we see, there are many ways of categorization here, so there is no need of prior survey or tasting before putting the shipment.

Things you love about this club-

A wide range of categorization-

Their full ofcategorization in the selection of wines for customers makes it more interesting. They offer wines from international to the independentvineyard, which increase the number of choices for customers. So the customer can enhance its taste with these wines.

Good customer service

There are many other clubs in the market, but they are failed to give excellent customer service, but the Gold medal wine club reviews,offers the best customer service because of the following reason-

  • Chat option on their website
  • Fast delivery of the shipment
  • Shipment tracking facility

No cancelation or registration fees

You can cancel your shipment after booking also and there are no membership or registration fees also. This is the best feature of this club which makes customer free from the stress of making the wrong shipment.

Discount coupons

You will get many discount coupons on the purchase of 4 to 6 bottles in a shipment that will save your lot of money, and you can use it for your next shipment.

Things to improve

High prices

The primary customer complains it is about the price range of their wines which is not suitable for drinkers who want to drink in their budget because shipment charges differ with location and type of wines and amount of bottles.

Unorganized website or customer interface

Their chaotic customer interface or website also becomes hectic for customers to place a shipment from them. Because they have a large number of wines from a differentvineyard, proper arrangement of them is essential for the customer to make shipment in less time.

Customers are fed up by answering lots of questions

Customers are fed up by answering lots of questions before placing a shipment from their website that thing also needs to improve.

This wine club gives a variety of wines in different range and taste from international or independent wineries. They have vast options of personalizing order with a selection of some bottles, the frequency of delivery, etc.

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