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Things to Consider Before Choosing Cutting Tools.

Cutting tools play an important part in the machining process. When you are selecting a cutting tool, there are several things to consider. These things will help you to identify tools that will suit the purpose. Here are things to consider when choosing cutting tools.

  1. Importance of the tool part

You should give priority to the tool part that influences your production most. Some cutting tools are so important that when they stop working, the entire production stops. You should identify such tools and be very cautious when buying them. Make sure that you concentrate on getting high-quality tools for those parts.

  1. Number of cutting edges

The more edges a cutting tool has the more efficient the tool is. Tools with more edges do the work faster and they require less strength. For instance, a cutting tool that has 8 edges will cut faster and easier than one that has 4 edges. Hence, when you are choosing a cutting tool, you should check if there is the same type of tool with more edges.

  1. Fit for the machine

Most tools come in two types; left- handed and right- handed. When you are choosing tools, choose the one that fits the machine. Some tools use several latches and you may need to choose several left-handed and right-handed cutting tools.

  1. Fit for the material

Another thing to consider is the material used in manufacturing the machine you are buying the cutting tool for. Most machines are made with carbon steel and so most cutting tools are made to cut carbon steel. However, there are tools that have been designed to cut other materials pure metals, aluminum, titanium, plastics, and alloys. When you choosing a cutting tool for any of these materials, you should ask for tools that have been designed to cut such materials.

  1. Size of the tool

You should consider the size of the tool when choosing a cutting tool. Some people end up choosing tools that are too small for the purpose.

  1. Choose indexable tools over grinding tools

If you looking for a good cutting tool, avoid grinding tools. You should choose tools with insertable or indexable designs over grinding tools. Indexable tools give more consistent results and they also can also save you labor costs.

  1. Number of parts

There are one-piece designs and modular designs for cutting tools. When choosing a small cutting tool, it is better to choose a one-piece design since smaller tools are less expensive. In the same way, you should consider a modular design tool for larger tools. Larger tools are more expensive and it will be less expensive if you can replace a failed part instead of replacing the entire machine.

  1. Multi-functional

It is also better to choose a multi-purpose machine. If you have a cutting tool that can bore, drill, thread, and turn, it is a plus for you. This will save you a lot of costs.

The most important aspect of choosing tools is whether or not it suits the purpose. You should also note that high-quality tools are always not the pricier options. You can get tools of good quality at low prices.

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