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Things to Do before Getting Hitched

Life can change drastically after getting married and any married person will tell you the same. It changes even more after you become a father or mother, but for now let us not scare you too much and stick to only the first part.

Before your life changes for good (or for bad-depending on how you perceive marriages to be) there are things you should do which you may or may not get an opportunity to do later on. Take a look at some of the things you should do before you get hitched:


You’re obsessed with gadgets and have always purchased the latest ones to hit the shelves. Now, this may have to change after marriage. You may have to save the money that you generally spend on gadgets for more meaningful purposes, like buying gifts or buying some more gifts!

Watch your Favourite Movies

You’ve had a nice trip so far, with beer pints in your hands, friends lazing around and Arnold doing his regular machismo stuff on the screen. Holding a gun in his hand, going on a shooting spree and killing off anybody he sees. Marriage should mark the end of this lovely trip. Your taste in cinema may have to change to suit a different, more subtle audience a.k.a your spouse.


If you’re used to constantly swearing, this too may have to change post marriage. The society looks at you differently once you get married. Suddenly you become a respectable family man and swearing is most certainly not the trait of one.


It is clichéd but nevertheless something you should definitely experience before you get married. Going through heartbreak teaches us a lot about people and relationships. This experience may prove to be invaluable when you finally get married.


A nice way to score brownie points as the more lovable partner in the marriage is to learn how to cook. If you can cook well you will never have to worry about pacifying your partner after a stupid fight.

Meet your Old Friends

When you get married you may not be able to find the time to meet very old friends. Naturally after marriage priorities change and while you’ll still be meeting friends you may not be able to meet all of them.

Learn to Manage Finances

As a married man you may have to manage your finances in a far more responsible manner than you ever did. It is crucial to leading a successful marriage and therefore you must learn how to take care of your own finances. Also, you shouldn’t have transactions on your financial statements that you need to hide from anybody!


Before your spouse becomes your default travel partner, you must take out the time for making trips and travel to your favourite destinations. While you’re still a bachelor you have the opportunity to make exciting travel plans with your best buddies. This particular bit will definitely change after marriage.

Pursue Interests

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar but never got around to actually learning it, now is the time you should deep dive into your passions. It is only now that you have the time to pursue your interests, whether it is learning a musical instrument or a foreign language. While no spouse in this world actually stops their partner from learning something good, it is the lack of time that will prevent you from taking these courses.

Plan a Kick Ass Stag Do Party

Your Stag do party is possibly the last time you will ever party with your lads without being answerable to anybody. You should make the most of this occasion and plan exciting things for the congregation. If possible take a long trip and make the day memorable by doing some fun things together.


Before you get married it is important that you learn to place the needs of others before your own. You must be absolutely aware about your own limitations before you raise questions over those of others.

It may include putting up with a movie you cannot stand or turning down an overnight plan with friends but at the end if you can go through these minor inconveniences, a happily ever after may be just around the corner.

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