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Three Huge Safes and What is kept in Them

Safes come in all sizes from small home safes disguised as baked bean tins to gigantic vaults within complexes such as the Bank of England. Somewhere between the two are large safes that have vital uses within the workplace.

Medical Storage Safes

In hospitals, first aid centres and local GPs’ practices, the safe storage of medical supplies and medicines is vitally important not only to keep the contents in a hygienic condition but to deter thieves and drug addicts. Metal cabinets such as these usually have double doors to provide easy access and have numerous metal shelves within them to allow for a methodical storage of supplies. They typically have an ecological powder coating that is resistant to bacteria to ensure there is no contamination of medicines from Methacillin Resistant Stephylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Escherichia coli (E.coli) and even the metal itself. Many will feature tamper-proof mechanical combination locks.

Flammable Liquid Storage Cupboards

Employers in factories or workshops that use flammable liquids are duty bound to keep them in safe storage according to the strict guidelines regarding the Control of Substance Hazardous to Health (COSHH). Manufactured from high-quality steel, they are powder coated in bright yellow for easy identification complete with the standard red diamond stickers warning of their hazardous contents. The main body of such a cabinet will have welded seams to ensure there are no spillages or spaces for sparks to enter. The steel sides are powder coated for easy maintenance. The interior base is ideally in the form of a leak-proof tray and above there are adjustable shelves. Doors are reinforced to prevent any distortion and have a secure tamper-proof lock.

Office Safety Cabinets

Security in offices across a range of industries and services is vital regarding the storage of sensitive data. Safes and security cupboards are available in a variety of large sizes to accommodate numerous A4 files and memory sticks containing computerised data. Such a unit will be made of stainless steel and have approximately three internal shelves that can be adjusted. Reinforced doors will have mechanisms that involve several integral bolts and are fitted with locks that have traditional keys or numeric, computerised key pads.

Extensive Choice

Whatever the reasons why you need a larger safe or security cupboard for your business or office, there are many options for secure storage that comply with various regulations. Secure Safe have an extensive range to choose from.

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