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Tips for a Picture Perfect Photo Shoot

Photos bring with them a lot of precious, priceless memories. They remind you of the glorious days of the past which you perhaps cannot relive but can definitely recollect by feeling the same vibe again.

Browsing through the series of old photos is bound to make you feel nostalgic but also happy that you actually got an opportunity to create those amazing memories in the first place.

Similarly, there are some precious events or a day which you would like to capture and that’s when you plan for a perfect photo shoot. To make your task convenient, we have discussed some essential factors which you must consider before your photo shoot.

Be yourself

Aren’t you bored of watching those clichéd photos on social media? If so, then why add more to the list by clicking similar photos yourselves? Instead, create your own unique identity in front of the camera that it clearly defines you.

It is difficult to give a genuine smile when someone asks you to stand with a stiff back and your chin held straight up. Phew! Quite a task!

You would rather stand in a comfortable pose and give out a genuine smile. If you are camera shy and do not like giving fancy poses then this trick works wonders!

Pretending to be someone else or mimicking them can be awkward as well as stressful.

Visual cues work better than verbal

Often, it has been observed that the photographer has a tough time explaining or directing people to pose in a certain way. You can avoid this situation by simply seeing a photo of someone else in the exact same pose.

If not this, you can also shortlist a series of photos which you are comfortable posing in so that you are aware of how you are likely to express yourself. You save yourself from any surprise or from getting paranoid about the outcome.

If either of this does not seem appropriate to you then you can always ask the photographer to pose and show you how exactly the stance and expression should look like.

Do not fake interest

An experienced photographer will ensure that the model or client is comfortable and relaxed. They must appear confident in their pose because a picture is worth a thousand words.

One way, to get your client/model customer in a relaxed mind frame is to talk or bring them in their comfort zone. For instance, if your client is a fan of F1 racing you can select a venue which provides a formula one simulator. This way, your client will be less conscious about being in front of the camera and be more excited about their surroundings.

Apart from this, make sure that your client is in a good mood because if they have had an unhappy day at work then they will end up giving grumpy expressions in all photos.

Along with this, you also have to be in a good frame of mind as handling clients could be tricky. Therefore, avoid planning back to back shoots because that can be exhausting and you might end up losing one of your precious clients in the process. 

You need to learn the right pose

A photographer should not only have knowledge about the activities behind the camera but also what happens in front of the camera. They should know how to pose only then can they guide or teach someone to pose in a particular way.

At times, the mere description of an image does not particularly work for some clients and the photographer has to pose to reduce the client’s ordeal. This can be done in three simple steps:

Go to the spot and do the pose exactly as you want to see it from behind the lens and show them the expression, hand/leg position in order to achieve it.

Simultaneously, try to explain to them why you need a particular moment or stance.

Ask your client or model to pose.

There is a possibility that they might do it in the right way the very first time they pose. You need to be patient enough to give them some time to ease up so that they are comfortable in their own skin.

Encourage them

Often, clients and models are clueless about whether they are doing the right thing or not? Whether they are giving the right expression, pose or putting too much weight on either of their feet.

The best thing to do in such circumstances is to encourage them that they are doing it the right way. Constantly motivating them and talking with them will keep them calm which makes their struggle of posing all that easier.

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