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Tips on car rental in Italy: prices and bureaucracy

A very recurring question from travelers is whether it is worth investing in a car rental in Italy, since Europe is reputed to be a continent where people ride more by bike and train. This is mainly due to the structure of cities, which offer cycle paths, bicycle rental and high quality public transport. Despite this, the Italians use (and much!) the car to get around.

So in this article you will find that renting a car in Italy may be a good idea, especially after these tips. As the main tourist cities are distant from each other, reaching a six-hour journey between Rome and Milan, for example, renting a car can be a much cheaper and comfortable option for two or more people. Like the idea? I have separated the main information you need to know before renting a car in Italy. These are your renting car guide in Italy.

Italy Car Hire Tips

The car rental in Italy works basically as we know it in our country. All airports and major cities have car rental services with a variety of rental options. You can still make the reservation online in your country and get it printed, which makes it much easier on arrival!

How does car rental work in Italy?

The rentals are made by means of rental companies. Among some of the largest companies offering the service in Italy are Avis, Europcar and Hertz. At the time of booking, if it is made online, it is necessary to inform the date and time of withdrawal, return and the age of the driver.

Most rental companies charge a higher value for drivers under 25 or 30 years, depending on the company, and above 65. When the vehicle is removed, a valid identification document, ie a passport, must be presented.

Other regulations

– Maximum permitted blood alcohol content: 0.05 gr / liter blood
– It should not be considered as acceptable; it is never reasonable to drink and drive
– Minimum age of children who can go in the front seat: 12 years
– The use of a seat, a lifting seat or an approved and approved restraint system, up to 12 years old and 1,50 m
– Minimum age of driver: 18 years

Documents needed

In addition, the International Driving Permit and a credit card are required. This card will retain the value of the car insurance, in cases of theft, breakdown or failure to return the vehicle. Learn more about travel insurance.

When choosing a credit card for this transaction, select one that you will not need during the time that you have the car, which has a sufficient threshold and will not charge your account before the return.

Where to rent a car in Italy?

Use price comparison sites as in these sites you can find the main rental companies, you can select the type of car of your choice, among other items. Price comparison sites are also a great option to check out offers from rental companies that, although they do not have their own stands in some cities, are operated by partner companies.

To save money, one of the best tips is to return the vehicle to the same place it was taken. As the route will need to be done anyway, the rental companies usually charge an additional amount if the return is in another destination.The motorways

Italy has motorways that cross the country. These routes are the best in the territory, some have even wi-fi for the cars that transit through them. The motorways are indicated by the letter A on the traffic signs, followed by the identification number of each route, such as the A1 connecting cities such as Milan to Naples. These roads were built and are managed by the Autostrade concessionaire and have tolls. The toll is charged per way. As you enter the motorway you will pass a toll and take a ticket indicating the place of departure. When you leave the motorway, you must pass through another toll station, which will check how many kilometers have been turned from the point of entry. Most of these tolls do not have a collector, it’s all done electronically. Some journeys save hours of travel if done by one of these paid routes.

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