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Tips to increase your writing speed during the exam

Exams are easily the most stressful time for every student whether he is in college or university. It is the time of the semester or academic year when all the students are losing their control and hold over things and definitely going insane. The stress of preparation and shortage of time get to the students and they naturally start panicking crazily. However, there are several tips and tricks which should be implemented by the students to improve their learning process and minimize their burden and pressure during exam days. Following are the effective tips that need to be kept in mind to improve your learning.

  • Make a study schedule including all the courses and subjects and strictly follow it throughout the semester.
  • Do not procrastinate during study hours and make sure you are utilizing the study time to its fullest.
  • Take regular breaks during studying.
  • Exercise daily and have a balanced diet to stay fit and have a fresh mind.
  • Avoid skipping classes; and when you attend lectures make sure to stay active and participate in the class discussions as that teach a lot.
  • Get your confusions or queries resolved right away as soon as you get stuck.
  • At the day of exam, make sure to eat something before, and revise your lessons. Revision is very conveniently ignored by most of the students; even though it is one of the most important things in order to give a great exam.
  • During exam, make sure to read the paper first and properly understand all the questions and then attempt it in the order of easiest to hardest.
  • Keep your speed of writing according to the available time and length of the paper.
  • After you have answered all the questions, go through your paper and proofread it. Proofreading is important to double check the answers in both informational and grammatical terms.

How to increase your writing speed 

According to a study conducted by best assignment writing service, the most subtle yet common problem that students face on a daily basis is the writing speed during any exam. A lot of students have slow speed which makes it hard for them to complete their exam in due time. If they try to write faster, they end up ruining their handwriting, and make the paper look untidy. However following are the few tips to increase the speed of writing.

  • Before starting to write, make an outline of the answer in your mind or write the key points in the rough work so that you don’t have to think too much while writing.
  • Completely focus on one question and keep writing the answer without getting distracted.
  • Do not try to answer more than one answer at a time because that will confuse you.
  • Pen affects the speed as well. Make sure the pen you are using is smooth in writing and makes you write in a flow.

If you have exams coming up, you must follow the discussed above guideline to increase your productivity and improve your grades.

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