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Top 5 Websites for Creating Your Android App for Free Without Coding

Today, everybody is bombarded with smartphone apps, be it an android app or iPhone app. Everyone install these app and use it. So if you are looking to create your own app don’t hesitate as we bring some websites where you can make your app without having any knowledge about coding and you can make your own app for free.

  1. It was designed to build the gap between simplified apps and professional apps. Creators can create, edit and publish their apps. It can create not only android apps but also iPhone apps, blackberry apps. The unique feature of this website is that it helps to create Facebook appsalso. All you need to select the type of your app (business, events and more) and then look around the designing and preview of your app and the last step appsbar will provide sufficient tools from which you can share it with world.
  2. This website consist all the features which can help you to grow your business. It consist all in one features such as 1000 of templates for your app, requires only 5 minutes to build an app. The unique feature of this app that it can help you earn money by activating ads. Every time your audience uses your android app it will fetch you money. It helps to manage your app performance and can link your app with many promotional tools.
  3. It is a platform where you can make a full professional app without having any knowledge of coding or design skills .You can make your android version here with regular updated content within seconds. You can build your app in three categories ( app for individual , group , enterprise) .It is secured for both private and public apps as it provides a username and password so that only intended users and log in.
  4.– It is the easiest and smartest way where you can make your android app as well as Ios and blackberry also. Simple way to create your app is to feed a title for your app and follow it step by step. You can keep a track on your apps with dashboard and can also customize according to your needs. It also present a database of icons where the creator can choose icon and design your app.
  5. This website helps you to analyze that how many of your apps has been installed and used. It is the best and popular site where a creator needs everything that to free of cost. You can share your app with multiple networks as well as this website helps your android app to create pop ups in between which will help you to earn money as many times user click on that add you will earn money. This is one of the fastest and simplest website known for building best version of android apps.Check out HackzHub – General Knowledge Sharing Blog for more such informational articles.

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