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Virtual Reality – everything you have to know about VR

For few years, world of technology is talking about virtual reality and its possible application in the real world. As it is now, VR had its main successes in the world of gaming, as players always wanted their games to feel more realistic. However, VR probably can offer far more, and its potential is still being discovered. For now, let’s just focus on basics.


What is VR?


Virtual reality is a digitally generated, immersive world, which can be accessed by putting on special headset. The headsets vary. There are multiple different ones, manufactured by different companies. The most powerful ones are usually those that can be connected to PCs, as the PCs have the required power to create complex visual experience. PlayStation 4 also can serve as a great platform for VR, however Sony tends to focus on the games with their console, and generally does not support other projects. The last type is the cheapest and the most comfortable. It’s the one in which the user puts his phone into the headset. Although it is not as spectacular experience as with the PC and PlayStation, it can still be thrilling.


The display of the headset is split up between two eyes, which creates an illusion of a three-dimensional word. The headset is also tracking head movements, and the virtual world is changing with each head move. All those factors, with an addition of stereo sound, allow the headset wearer to feel like a part of this unreal, artificially created environment. That’s what’s called an immersion. What’s fascinating, is that the world doesn’t have to be realistic. Of course, it can be a 360-degree video of a real world, that allow the user to see real nature and monuments, but it doesn’t have to. Many game developers create their own worlds. And the gamers still can feel immerse. The feeling of being a part of this virtual world is the same; no matter if you are on the Great Wall in China or on the Mars.


Additionally, in most cases, users can interact with the surroundings by using a controller of some sort. This also allows them to explore the digital world when limited to small space of the room or length of the HDMI cord attached to the headset.


VR and AR – what is the difference?


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is not the same. That is why they are named differently. VR has been explained already. The Augmented Reality is a combination of the real world and VR. It allows the user to see computer-generated elements in real environment. It is less immersive than VR, but doesn’t require the user to cut himself from the real world. AR headset is reduced to much smaller and clear googles or glasses. That way the user can use them without feeling dizzy after thirty minutes. That means AR is more versatile and can be used in many different fields. In architecture to show how a building will look like before it is built or to visualize a room in a furniture shop; the possibilities are endless.




VR and AR are still very new and it seems that their potential is not fully used. Only time will tell what wonders next few years will bring us. We may be on the verge of some new, fantastic discovery in the field of virtual and augmented reality.

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