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Ways to Go Green in Every Aspect of Life

More and more people are starting to understand that going green isn’t just a temporary whimsy of modern times. It has become a necessity – our planet is getting destroyed by our lack of care and lazy ways.

If you want to give your contribution to a better and healthier planet, there are many ways to do it without giving up on important things and without too much trouble. Here’s how every aspect of your life can become greener.

1. Eat smart

This isn’t something that can happen overnight, so make small steps. You should slowly transition to organic fruit and vegetables that don’t contain pesticides. yes, they could be somewhat expensive, but the benefits will be greater, too. You will feel more energized as you will get more nutrients and your lifespan will be increased.

If you need to be really careful about your budget, try buying seasonal products and freeze them so you can use them later when they are more expensive to buy. Also, it’s cheaper to buy food in the local market than in stores, and even the selection is better.

Another option is to grow your own veggies and fruits – the is no safer way to know what exactly you’re eating than grow your food in your own garden and control everything that gets into the soil and on the plants.

Lastly, a balanced diet means introducing a meat-free day from time to time. Not only is it healthier but it also helps to preserve the environment by reducing water usage and CO2 emission.

2. Stop using paper unnecessarily

If you choose to go paperless, you will make a great contribution to the environment. Your letterbox probably gets full pretty quickly with all those flyers and bills. The first step would be to unsubscribe from catalogs, as many of them can be read online. The nest step is to switch to paperless billing and statements from the bank, as well as electric and gas providers. Also, don’t accept flyers offered to you on the streets and in stores. In case you enjoy shopping online, order all you want in one purchase because it will cut down the number of boxes that will be delivered. Finally, reduce the use of paper towels. Instead, use dish towels for drying your hands while you’re cooking and switch to cloth napkins when having a meal.

3. Use natural fabrics

Many people are in the wrong thinking that artificially-made materials have a longer lifespan than natural materials. Actually, it’s the other way round. Clothes that was made of natural fabric lasts much longer. Plus it feels better on your skin and doesn’t change its properties fast. Linen, bamboo and cotton are incomparably better than synthetic fabric, which is also hazardous for your health and, of course, bad for the environment.

Make changes not only to your wardrobe. Switch from plastic bags to bags made of natural fabric (you can also find cruelty-free vegan bags). Buy organic leather shoes instead of searching for replicas of famous brands that are made of cheap synthetics. Change your hygiene routine by using reusable pads.

4. Use eco-friendly means of transportations

Every day, millions of people pollute the air by using personal motor vehicles to go to work. Not only this is highly eco-unfriendly, but it’s also expensive. Fuel consumption affects the earth and it also costs a lot, while also increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Try to use your car as rarely as possible. If you have the opportunity, give up on the car completely and switch to cycling to work (as well as using it as a means of transport anywhere you go). Cycling is not only cost-effective and environmentally friendly, but it’s also a great tool for fighting stress, reducing your anxiety levels and keeping fit. It’s easy to find great bicycles online for any terrain and make your ride pleasurable and fast.

You can even go one step further and ask your boss to let you work at home one day of the week – it would reduce gas emissions even more.

5. Use natural beauty products

It’s equally important what you put on your body as what you put in it. You should start paying attention to the labels on beauty products you use. There are tons of harmful ingredients on many beauty products today. Some of them could even could an irreparable damage to your skin and overall health.

One way is to start using organic beauty products – their labels will have a much shorter list, as they contain only a small number of natural ingredients. If you find those products too expensive, then take a look at your kitchen. There are many ingredients and food you already have that can be used as beauty products.

Final comment

You probably won’t be able to make these changes all at once. Make small steps, and know that every step you make will have a positive impact on your environment.

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