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Ways to steer clear of Ransomware

Ransomware attacks have become rampant over the last few years. Cyber criminals by injecting payload into the computers make the user data inaccessible and demand ransom payment in lieu of giving access to your own computer system. With the ever increasing potentially serious ransomware threats, it has become really important to take preventive and protective measures to keep safe from ransomware. Though it is quite challenging to tame this nuisance of ransomware, however, you may refer to the following pointers to take few pre-emptive measures.

Ways to steer clear of Ransomware

Get your data backed up regularly: If you have backed up your data to a secure location, the threat of ransomware is neutralized as losing data on the computer system does not matter anymore. You can easily run a data restore after a thorough system clean up. You can use various cloud services like drop box to store a backed up copy of your data or you can use a portable Hard Disk Drive (HDD) as a backup device.

Update software: Software vendors like Microsoft regularly release security updates. Ransomware usually find it easier to access systems using outdated software. So it is imperative to update software as an when new updates are available as apart from other enables, they carry critical security updates to keep your system safe from ransomware. You are required to pay a special attention to software updates and schedule a check on your part regularly.

Subscribe to a reliable security suite: You have to keep your system always firewalled against potential ransomware and other malware. And to do that you may subscribe to software firewall and anti-malware software at the same time which will help to gauge any suspicious activities and to identify potential threats. However, you need to find a good vendor of these security products who has been in the business for quite a long time with excellent credentials to serve the job.

Disconnecting the Wi-Fi or pulling out of network instantly: One of the ways to limit the damage from a ransomware attack is bringing down all the communication channels to a halt to prevent ransomware communicating with its Command and Control (C&C) server and thereby not letting it take up any further instructions to encrypt system files. So as soon as you feel or find out that you have run a file that could be a ransomware, disconnect the Wi-Fi and, or take your system out of the network, immediately.

Blocking dubious attachment downloads: As these ransomware usually transfer their payload via email attachments; in order to block deceptive attachments from getting downloaded, you can configure your webmail server to block attachments with extensions like .scr, .exe or .vbs

Act a little smart while clicking on any hyperlinks or attachments: As is evident from the modus operandi of cyber criminals, these ransomware are targeted through eye-catching emails. To safeguard yourself against any ransomware threats, it is always advisable to be extra cautious while going through your emails and the attachments.

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