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What are the latest trends in jobs?

After the completion of the degree, getting into a good job is a dream to all of us. In the last few years, people who got into their core jobs were very less. The reason for this being the lack of necessary skills and the second reason is the size of those companies itself. As of the processes in these companies are automated they would not be in a position to hire more employees. Also, at a tier-2 level, the kind of syllabus and curriculum doesn’t meet up to the standards these guys are expecting and hence there is also a mediocre outlook at these colleges. Surprisingly, 80% of the students graduate from these colleges only. This is adding more fuel to the current job scenario. There are 2x number people graduating every year compared to the vacancies available. Government jobs have this age limit of 58 years of age for the retirement but private companies do not have this. Infect the top management is completely made by highly experienced people.

Courses like android developer certification have seen an upward trend in the recent years. Thanks to the advancements in science and technology there are a lot of jobs created. All these jobs required basic working knowledge with the technology and all we have to do is to enroll in a vocational or a technical training course and learn the in and outs of it. This will not only promise you a good paying job but also a job that will not fade away in the upcoming years.

Big data and blockchain are some of the latest buzzwords in the tech industry and I am sure that most of you are aware of this. The number of people looking for data analytics courses in Mumbai has grown by 200% over the last year. The pay in these jobs is also high compared to the pay a similar experienced guy would be getting at a core job. Also, we should talk about the nature of the job. They are not monotonous and they have a lot of interesting takeaways from each day of work and hence there are more youngsters opting for these jobs. There are a lot of technical courses available online and also at an offline classroom model. Courses like blockchain programming, Hadoop data processing which includes spark, HDFS commands and so on.

As of now, enrolling yourself in one of these courses is the smart way to tackle the raising unemployment scenario in the country.

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