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What is overnight camping at Desert Safari all about?

Day by day we are moving towards the modern world. The more we are moving towards it the more we are losing our health and the more we are getting busy. We don’t even have enough time to go for a vacation or something or to go for an activity which can give peace. From the word peace, an activity clicked in my mind that is overnight camping at desert safari Dubai. Peace and overnight camping can be taken in the same meanings. The peaceful vibes of overnight camping at desert safari Dubai cannot be explained in words. What an activity it is to relax your soul and mind.If a person is in a sear of any activity or trip which can relax them should definitely book their trip for overnight camping.

What to expect from us?

We will pick you up in the evening from your mentioned pickup location in a jeep. Our professional drivers will ring you safely to desert safari. After all the activities you will be dropped the next day in the morning. 

First, let’s talk about the calm vibes here:

The experience of overnight camping at desert safari Dubaiis about experiencing the darkness of the sky while sitting in the middle of the desert where the campfire will be lit up to warm you up. The sky will be all covered up by the shiny stars. The sand dunes at that time will be so cold that you will feel oddly satisfying while touching the sand dunes. Overnight camping at the desert safari basically comprises of cold winds, shiny stars, and activities. But the vibes here are just unexplainable.

Let’s talk about the activities here in overnight camping at desert safari Dubai:
Activities herein overnight camping are the reason why people are attracted to this activity a lot.

First one is the Tanoura Dance-

It is a kind of a Sufi dance. Sufi dance is a dance in which Sufi dancers move round and round in circles on the Arabic music being played in the background. It is the most loved dance here as this kind of dance gives peace to its viewers.

The second one is the Fire show-

It is a show in which experts at fire show plays with the fire strings. They throw fire strings up in the air and then catch it, this goes on and on. It is a very exciting show for overnight camping.

The third one is Belly dance-

Professional belly dancers are hired to perform it. It is the most entertaining activity of overnight camping here at Desert safari Dubai.

The fourth one is Henna art:

Henna art professionals are hired to do it. It is a painless procedure. This art is done by henna on people’s hands which make their hands look more beautiful.

The last one is Dinner:

Special BBQ dinner is served at the end of overnight camping here at desert safari Dubai. It is very tasty and is loved by a lot of people here

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