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Have you tried your luck in investing your fortunes into the shares and commodities industry? Investing your wealth towards generating more lucrative returns may sound appealing, but it comes with proper research to be done and general commitments to be made in order to reap the rewards. Hence, it is understandable that choosing the right investment alternative goes a long way to providing the best of what you currently require in investing your money. With that in mind, if you are looking for profitable gains with low commitments to be made, off-plan property investment is surely one of the best investment solutions currently available to you!

Dubai boasts an array of lucrative off plan property in Dubai potentials which are currently in development. Among its current portfolio of upcoming residential and commercial projects is Golf Grove Villas by Emaar.

Offering family villas together with your own terrace rooftops, this new residential project is reminiscent of the potential that off-plan property purchase holds for you.

Investing in off-plan projects allows you to purchase properties like these at discounted rates. Furthermore, upon agreeing on a fixed price, you are confident that you will never be charged more for the property even if the current market price has increased.

In addition, paying for off-plan properties will allow you to enrol in special refinancing schemes being introduced by local government authorities to facilitate the local real estate industry in promoting demand. With an oversupply of properties within its lands, Dubai urges more incentives and lenient legislations to allow both domestic and foreign investors to partake in its property markets.

This year also coincides with the announcement of Burj Jumeirah at Downtown Jumeirah , Emaar Arabian Ranches 3, Creek Beach at Dubai Creek Harbour.

Burj Jumeirah will become another focal attraction in a new mega-development project of Downtown Jumeirah. Upon its completion, Downtown Jumeirah will be encompassing a futuristic, modern and unique urban community of contemporary retail lots and residential complexes, closely resembling Downtown Dubai. With that in plan, future off-plan property projects are bound to open up once this ambitious project kicks into development phase.

Dubai is a treasure trove of property investment potentials waiting to be uncovered. Upon utilizing the available opportunities provided, it would highly benefit you to start looking into the current off-plan projects within this year itself. With any luck, you may just find that one property that you have been longing for, all these years.

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